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  1. 5 cubes each on whatever ones dont have higher offers than that right now, can't really see from offer list and too lazy to read D:
  2. Not sure if anyone still does this and/or rates but if so looking for approx 9 runs a cube. - Start time somewhere between 6-7:30am GMT or 8-10pm GMT - As many runs as you can handle, but at least 20 per sitting (i'll be afk). - Will pay higher for quicker runners (~3 mins or less average) or for sittings of 50+ runs in one go -If i get a u++, you can have all and any ults I get during those runs -I will give you any/all sups I find during runs SID: Veriality231
  3. 1 Radiation 1 Magi 1 Rainmaker 1 Amor 1 Shield of Mirrors 1 Aladdins ...not sure what else i have LOL
  4. do you really allow 1 cube overbids on 50 cube items ;_; 55 cubes, 20 coal I have a load of capping ult armors/sup armors/other stuff as well if you are interested in any of that. you can add me on veriality231 to discuss.
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