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  1. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?101-Ideas-for-future-classes&p=2126&viewfull=1[[1489,hashtags]] My guess is that uses presents that run around and explode, hexing mobs with various status effects. They've demonstrated that they're willing to deviate from the core classes significantly, so it is not out of the realm of possibility. For instance, a mind control present, that converts the mob that hits it.
  2. Perhaps if it simply forced your hero speed to 0 (remember that awful slow period when you make a new character?), rather than making you not move at all. That, while still a negative, would be useful.
  3. Oh please. We play local co-op, and on Monsterfest (our favorite mode) there is no crystal for the the controller players to hit. In normal monsterfest, the timer is very short (20 seconds, I think). In the new monsterfests, however, it is not. So we all get up and refill our water, grab a bite to eat, play with the cat, take a nap, etc until the timer expires. An unskippable 2 minute timer. Play four minutes, wait 2. :-(
  4. The summoner's strength is his flexibility. Yes, he can afk fairly easy, but so can squires so long as you come back every 10 minutes and repair. But that's not the point really. While the summoner is strong, he has some major trade-offs. 1) One summoner on a team is great. Two is a waste, because of the reasons that follow (and I think this helps prevent summoner domination) 2) He's to weak to use on the front lines. Sure he has phase shift, but he can't pick up mana when he's in it, and minions don't proc. So if you want to use his pets, you have to get right on the front lin
  5. Even if we could just cycle between the crystals, that would help greatly.
  6. I think that for all the concern people have over the summoner being too strong, please remember that having 1 one your team DOES make your team stronger. Having 2 does not. The summoner without MU would be relatively pointless, as his personal character has reduced effectiveness, and his low hp pool doesn't allow him to get in real close for his pets to take advantage of multiple projectiles, etc. That means he needs something to contribute to the team, and the MU pool allows him to do just that. He doesn't do more damage than a huntress, or something, he just has the ability to spread hi
  7. Keep in mind folks two things: the ogre was on a buff beam. That character WAS probably stacked. The ogre was 3-star. A level 35 character can't upgrade to 3-star, so at least some other character was in use as well. trust me, I'm leveling up and largely ignoring gear until I get to 74, and a regular ogre vs nightmare ogres? Squish.
  8. Personally, I'm just curious since they have stated in the past that it WOULD get the discount. What changed? Not mad though. Dollar for hours of fun, though, it's still a great buy. Just make me (personally) curious. *shrug* A lot of the anger would have been avoided if it had always been $4, so what changed to require it?
  9. Are we allowed to know the reason why? Even trendy employees were talking as though it would as recent as last night. I'm not mad, just curious. The character is enough of a departure I'll still pay the $1 more for something that "isn't the same".
  10. /jig Aawwww man. *refresh* Darn. *refresh* Darn. *refresh* Darn. ....
  11. I'm thinking the other players would have a more strategic role, ferry resources, take out towers (dota), gang up on ogres, etc. Certainly sounds like it could be fun, though.
  12. If it comes out today: play, because I have the day off due to my wife have her wisdom teeth out and she's sleeping. if it comes out tomorrow: cry a little inside, and play a bit next week when I can. You can see which one I'm voting for ;-)
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