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  1. I agree with DoctorJuice. If the problem is that the servers can not keep up with the build, then the game needs to spawn less enemies. Don't implement calculations that the servers can't deal with. With a Ryzen 7 1700x and even just 16 gigs of ram, I almost never go much above 20% cpu usage or 40% ram even with chrome tabs open. Gpu usage is negligible. If the servers can't keep up, that is the company's fault, period. Ffs, let me play it offline then. One of the many reasons I won't be playing DDA. It would be one thing if this was an optional map, but it's not. I'm not even to floor 100 yet and every time I run into this map it's a slog. It's a pain, not fun and ruining the game.
  2. I don't believe upload speed as anything to do with it, we did a test, on magus quarter, put up 30 MM towers, firing at .06, my friend was lagging a lot, and during that time, I never uploaded more than 46kbps, and I have a 3Mb upload right now, so the game itself never even tried to send enough packets, now if my 3Mb upstream was saturated I would believe in host issues, but I wasn't even using 20% of my upstream on the game, and I tested it during any maps on nightmare, and never saw the upstream go over 50kbps. It might or might not have something to do with the host, but if it does I think it's the game that is limiting the host. I have the same problem as Hostileca, but it only happens when I try to play with my partner, we're on the same LAN. My wireless network connection hardly ever goes above 5% when we're playing, but after the third wave or so even on Deeper Wells easy mode we start lagging so bad we can't move. This doesn't happen if one of our other friends is hosting, and when I host and they join only she lags. We tried the -tcp fix, and that solved it for a little while, but after a game crash that stopped working too. Edit: I'm posting this as of after the barbarian patch, so clearly projectile speed is not the problem here. At least not the only problem.
  3. Would much appreciate #4 or #5. Thank you! I didn't see anyone call them. If they did, sorry. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027187859 Edit: Just found where other people already claimed #4 and #5. Thanks anyway
  4. I normally don't post on forums, but it just looked like everyone was having so much fun. ^.^ Before we can attempt to address the concerns of the OP, we must first acknowledge his postulate. That is: TIER PROGRESSION /= DIFFICULTY This is true. If you don't understand that, you probably don't understand the various components of any game design. A game does not require gear or levels to be difficult. Beating Viswanathan Anand in a game of chess would be very difficult, and there's no way to mitigate that difficulty other than improving your skill. You can't blast him with a 23k dps blasticus. To reiterate from another view point, it is possible to have a progression game with absolutely no change in difficulty. Let's say for instance that dungeon defenders only had one map, Wells of Eternity. Let's say when you beat the map, you gain one level and the ability to play that map with all the enemies leveled up by one. If both you and the enemies stats are multiplied by your level, then you could repeat this process until your level was Avogadro's number, but the difficulty would stay the same because both you and the monsters are increasing by the same amount. Basically, big numbers doesn't mean difficult. Dungneon Defenders blends these two game components the way most games do. If the game was 100% skill based, we would all be level one with no gear like so many competitive FPS games. That being said, I believe Eyeshocks real complaint isn't that we might have to grind a bit for gear. I think it's the extent to which we have to grind to stand much of a chance that they find upsetting. If that is the case, then this becomes a much more complicated problem to address, as everyone will have their own opinion on how much grinding is too much. I'm not even sure of my own position on that question yet. I see alot of people who want the progression ramp to be similar to the other difficulties. I didn't have to grind at all to go from hard mode Summit to insane mode Wells of Eternity. Is that a good progression rate, or should I have needed the top end gear from hard mode to start insane mode? I don't know. I think that's personal preference. I will say, unless you just completely out gear the place, the spiders do add a frustratingly refreshing degree of difficulty. Assassins to hell, I aim for spiders.
  5. So, my partner and I have been playing DD for a while now, and every time we try to play with each other when one of us is the host, the other person experiences lag to the point where they can't even upgrade or heal things. When moving we teleport, and we have no attack animations. Playing wirelessly or wired doesn't seem to affect things. I searched the forums for a long time until I came across a similar problem where going to the options and changing the "Set launch options..." to "-tcp" fixed the problem. Things worked fine until I lost internet connection, and then when I regained connection things were back to being laggy for us. We tried resetting everything, restarting our computers, trying wired connection, validating the integrity of the files, etc. Nothing helped. We did notice that when we validate the files there are 2 files that failed to validate. Those were replaced, but every time we open the game, it seems to corrupt those files because if we start the game, and immediately exit it, the files fail to validate again. I'm not sure this has anything to do with our problem, since we can still connect to other people just fine. Never-the-less, the only thing we've found that worked for a short time was to replace the -tcp with -rtp for the real time protocol. This worked for a short time, but the longer we play, the worse the lag gets. Are there any other people playing with the same internet connection that have had this problem and found a solution? We don't have this problem with any of the many other games we play, and our internet connection is between 12-17 Mbps. We've also tried opening ports to each others computers with hamachi. Nothing works. Any ideas?
  6. Hmm, this worked for me too, but now something else is wrong. Whenever my partner and I try to join each others games, we get crazy teleporting lag. When we join other games it's fine, but if two people on the same connection try to join the lag starts. I changed the launch to -tcp, and it worked until my internet died and when we got internet back, the lag was back too. Any ideas?
  7. Every time I attempt to join a friend's game via the Steam interface either by inviting myself or being invited, the game does not join my friend's game. There is no error message displayed at all. The game stays at the character select screen. I looked in the forums and couldn't find a problem like mine. This only started today after the latest patch was downloaded. Any advice? Disable cloud synch. Go to your steam library, right click on dungeon defenders and click on properties. Hit the updates tab and uncheck "Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for dungeon defenders." That should help.
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