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  1. I've purchased the full expansion pack, but no AMP yet. I just checked my tavern, and I restarted steam to be sure that there is nothing wrong with my account. Any update?
  2. For all pets, minimum bid is 100M. Any pets with three/two negative stats is exceptional, they start at 25M. I'll also be accepting ^220 or higher monk aura staff or aura set for him. PLEASE BID ON THE #, LEAVE YOUR STEAMID. The highest bidder end of this day (11:00pm PST) wins the pet. #1 29 Boost Squire, 51^ http://steamcommunity.com/id/DSSEarthful/screenshot/648749446913092594?tab=public #2 27 Boost App, 62^ http://steamcommunity.com/id/DSSEarthful/screenshot/648749446913093398/?tab=public #3 Horus (BIRD), 168^ http://steamcommunity.com/id/DSSEarthful/screenshot/64874944691309
  3. Price: 400,000,000 mana Rules: 1. No AFKing 2. Bring a toon that can survive and help repair/upgrade. 3. Pay half when you get in, pay the rest once the run is over. 4. Bring an app guardian, if you don't have one then use a huntress. This'll make the run easier This map is much more difficult than Summit in my experience, I've had some difficulty soloing, but having three extra people will increase the workload. BE PREPARED TO HELP! MY GUARANTEE IS THAT WE WILL FINISH THE MAP. No extra charge for extra attempts.
  4. No more summit runs is being ran anymore, kinda sick of this map already LOL
  5. Thanks to Sasufrogface, he brought three friends, two dc in middle of game, and he left after the kill without even paying. Wasted my time, if I ever see this happen again, people will have to pay up first from on. P.S. Yes, that is his steam name.
  6. I'll be holding the runs for now. Whoever asks me for runs below this comment/thread will be held for now. Others above this comment/thread will be run today soonly.
  7. Is this Nightmare Hardcore or just Nightmare? Because I've seen someone rocking a 210^ Animus and I've been farming Nightmare Summit regularly and the highest I've gotten is 110, so I'm wondering if you've got a good strat for nightmare hardcore. I'm just running NM summit without anything additional just for the kill. If people want HC, they have to pay extra LOL
  8. If i buy a run, and we wipe, you do one more to we win? :) just so im sure to done the map :) You only pay AFTER we complete the map :)
  9. Individuals Price: 150,000,000 mana Group Discount: 300,000,000 mana (must have three people)
  10. I'll offer you two of my valued, or favorite, pets for #3 or #4. http://steamcommunity.com/id/DSSEarthful/screenshot/648749446894672083?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/id/DSSEarthful/screenshot/648749446894672825/?tab=public Those two are the best pets I have in my shop currently. If you want a fully upgraded mythical leather tower set for #3 alongside with the pets, let me know :D SteamID: Earthful P.S. I have more variety of pets available for trading, so please do feel free to contact me if you are interested!
  11. Right now, I'm seeking for an upgrade for my gear. If you do have a wonderful upgrade for me, please post a screenshot of your offer, and leave your steam ID. I have lucrative offers that you cannot refuse (hint hint) ;) If I like your offer (the screenshot), I'll contact you by your steam ID. Otherwise, nothing happens. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  12. I love this idea. A perfect tradeoff for people who makes walls/towers is that their towers/walls gain resistance, while orges focuses on what is in front of them aka walls. Less dumb orges, better towers = win win.
  13. I'll trade for the app guardian, add me on steam, Earthful. I have a nice pet for you, and maybe some mana :)
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