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  1. The max I can price items in my shop is 2.1475b. No matter what I try to price over that, it always reverts back to that price. Any idea why that might be?
  2. I don't think so, it's happening as we leave a private tavern to start a map, it kicks him back to the title screen and we can only join each other at the Tavern/Town. It randomly starts and stops, the problem will persist for hours then clear up andstop being a problem for hours.
  3. Is anyone having problems with achievements not unlocking? I have fulfilled the requirements for both Talon Guard and Etheria Defense Force but they did not unlock. Are there any hidden requirements? Thanks for any help.
  4. I have already given up. I haven't played since EV2 came out broken. Between the lag, constant crashing, broken gear, etc etc etc...I just walked away. It's a shame too because the game has so much potential. If these issues ever get fixed I will return but I don't play video games to be frustrated.
  5. I got them from running nightmare 2 maps non incursions. I just don't know which map they came from because I ran about 5 in a row before checking for loot.
  6. Damn...it would be lovely if the text wasn't microscopic..I probably wouldn't have misread it if it was bigger. That said, I should still see some movement reduction but that explains why it wasn't drastic. I will check again and look for any slight reduction. Thanks for answering.
  7. Like title says, is Idle Flow bugged? I can't see any noticeable difference in movement speed at all yet it say there should be like an 88% diminished in movement speed. Sadly, you can't text this in the tavern.
  8. You have to let the timer on the eggs run out, once the eggs rot they become shellium shards.
  9. I'm not a fan of the down vote option. I don't know about the DD2 community in general, but I know a lot of really sketchy people are in other game communities who would down vote everyone they met, just how it is with some people. I would rather not have them influence my DD2 reputation like that.
  10. It downloaded for me in about 5 minutes. The patch size says almost 8gbs but it wasn't, it skipped almost to the end for me. Patches for other games have done that as well, it seems like the patches have content in them we already have and they just skip the already downloaded content. Just how it seems to me....
  11. Elliot was asked this during the last DevStream & he stated they would not, do this. However they would do some maps as a "homage" to the old DD, but designed in a new way. He didn't state they would never do it, but I wouldn't expect DD1 re-release until at least a year after DD2 launches, if ever. I really figured that but it never hurts to show how much interest there might be if they consider it.
  12. This Ipwr rollback was well documented. It wasn't a surprise...
  13. It would be nice if someone from Trendy would stop by and at least let us know if a ps4 release of DD1 is even possible.
  14. Yeah, during both private tavern and in games I have had people join. This needs to be fixed when the devs get a chance.
  15. The new patch has really been a breath of life for me. It has it's issues but they are easily overlooked because the game is just so fun.
  16. How about a sell option from the scavenger menu? It's a pain to sell unwanted items when you have a lot of items with the scavenger and you also have a pretty full inventory.
  17. I had spells of lag all night but it would pass within a few minutes. When the lag did hit it was really bad though.
  18. Thank you, that makes sense. I just figured it was like DD1 where the Nightmare difficulty gave the most exp. Thanks for clarifying it for me though.
  19. That didn't happen to me, all my items stayed normal. The bug must not have hit everyone.
  20. I would pay at least $30 for a port of the computer DD1 to the consoles. All the characters/skins/stages/weapons in one full game. I would throw my money at Trendy.
  21. I leveled my Squire to 50 tonight and unlocked the endgame content but the exp seems bugged. My huntress is getting 75% bonus exp but she is only getting like 7k exp on nightmare stage. Is this normal or is this bugged?
  22. In the future would it be possible to have PS4 specific patch notes instead of a copy/paste of the PC notes? There are features not in the console version and it would be nice to know exactly what we will be getting on the console. We shouldn't have to play detective to figure out what pertains only to the PC.
  23. The text size should really be fixed, there is no excuse to have to stand 2 feet from my TV to see the text.
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