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  1. This would solve a lot of problems. There is going to be a the want for power-levelling alts as well, and I think this would be the way to do it. Plus if people want to solo harder (undergeared) content they have that ability to do so. However, the 25+ and 25++ brackets are a massive amount of content not being played. I understand the end game is lacking and the progression is a little muddled. Adding gear requirements into the brackets would make a pile of sense. This would give a much smoother progression. To add more fuel to the fire, the item score should be averaged among your
  2. Ogres will two-shot my resistless hunter. She literally has 0 physical resist, and if I get even close to an ogre, he'll kill me. They do alright damage in that case, however, health steal may be a bit OP. I've seen this as I will sometimes play a squire while my friend plays a monk. The monk can tank better than my squire simply because he's built to health steal while my squire is built on resists. The monk pumps out damage and steals the health to survive, meanwhile, my squire can't do enough DPS to hold a line. Neither die, but one does way more DPS than the other. Stacking health ste
  3. I'm still a little hazy on all of this... If a person builds a defense and is wearing gear, the gear is essentially useless to other players. Other players do not receive the bonus just because the builder is stacked in experience gear. However, the other player needs to stack their own gear to receive bonuses from the bonuses from all defenses on the map. I would assume this is how it would work for hero kills as well since the wording is exactly the same.
  4. [QUOTE]1) Keep the difficulty of every map and decrease the mob count on survival. If you can survive 1000 mobs of the same difficulty, you can survive 10000. I've even prefer 6x harder 1000 mobs than 6000 normal mobs. [/QUOTE] Quoted for truth. This is the main problem with survival and thus progression in the game. I've stopped for a while simply because the grind has gotten to be too much. One night = one 6 hour map. Whoopee! Granted, there are some other issues that come into play with progression, but this to me is the killer...when the game starts to become a grind and boring
  5. I play on a laptop myself, granted, mine looks to be about a step up from yours, but close. Its not horrible, but its not great. I turn the gfx down to low-settings (I find it helps the eyes too), and it runs a little smoother. Its not a great option, but it will at least run it well enough to play it. The big problem you may run into is lag because of the internet connection. Make sure you plug in, and don't use your wireless connection, unless playing solo. Depending on your isp, it can be very bad and unplayable. Its worth it!
  6. Start moving through campaign on NM to get yourself some other toons if you are playing solo. Most builds require a second class. Start doing a survival on Alch Labs. This requires taking down the boss which can be a little daunting, but it doable. The other option would be to start doing Misty. You'll be able to grab an upgrade (maybe) on your way to the boss. You prob won't beat the boss, on solo anyways, but should be able to get decent mana and a chance at upgrades or alts. Or...check out a thread that is entitled "Need any help with progression?"....hmm, that might be a good pl
  7. the counterparts for the most part have AOE added to them to the exception of the female app.. she does get an instant upgrade and a tweaked mana bomb that works for only skellies and magies Just a small note in the difference between mana and purity bomb: Purity bomb works on all mobs but does more damage to skeletons and mages. Mana bomb does more damage, but has a smaller range. @OP: Towers aren't different between the heroes and there opposite gender. The instant upgrade vs. overcharge is tough, usually overcharge is better. I still prefer the adept (personally) because she is a
  8. You can alt-click your heroes to swap them in the pages. I think to get one from the second page to the first, it has to be in the 'first' spot of the second page, but I'm not positive on that.
  9. [QUOTE]Ahh so it looks like you're still getting a score it's just not being updated. Same question before though does it happen all the time once it gets really busy? [/QUOTE] So, today while back doing some powerlevelling, I realized this same problem, but much earlier. Things got busier early tho because I decided to play online...I could afk a little while they repaired...and the same problem was occurring but this time at wave 14: Beginning (Wave 14)...17,682,096 xp Middle of Wave 14...17,683,324 xp Final (Wave 15)...17,828,542 xp To me...there is no way that over a
  10. Or you could take any monk, plop down some ensnare auras and roflstomp the level. Ensnare + inferno trap + lightning aura + barricades = only ogres still live And honestly, if you only have one char then you should not be soloing insane. It can work, but requires higher stats. ^^ I agree. I think if you are trying to solo with just one class, then any level is harder than it should/could be. Still doable depending on the class you have, but seriously, try a few things, different builds to match your playstyle. I'm pretty sure we went with something like this when I did it...al
  11. Okay! Someone using MotionJoy here, cause i already said i have problem. I cant open folders in my item box or in shops with controller :/ This is a glitch with all controllers...I believe they are fixing this in the next patch iirc.
  12. When I watched this video I didn't even see the ninja. This is completely different theory, could be wrong. However, it looks like a spider hit you. He flies over your shoulder and lands in front of the crystal. To be honest, it doesn't look like a spider in flight, but can see it when he lands. Just another theory that seems more plausible than a broken ninja...
  13. I wish spires would give better pets more consistently. I've probably did 60+ runs on nm hc and probably have only gotten 5 or 6 good pets. I never can get app guardians either. :( Trying doing Ramps on HC. I found that the tavern pets are different, lots of guardians, animi, where spires has more DPS pets.
  14. 50. You really don't need to waste upgrades on ranged past this. It only boosts the 5 closest, so no matter the range you need to be closer to the 5 you want to boost than any others. And 50 is more than enough. I completely agree with this...I go to 60, but still the theory holds. More is just wasteful.
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