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  1. Curious to know... are you both wearing matched gear? It sounds like you must not be to do so little damage. I don't play as much as I did a few weeks ago, but if you message me, I can help some.
  2. Mine is 7/9. If you understand why, then post your favorite fraction.
  3. Look for me online and I'll give you some nice hand-me-down pristine armor so you can max that dps.
  4. Try this... http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=14912
  5. The secret room opens up after you complete all levels on at least hard. You will see a neon "open" sign upstairs in your tavern. There are a few items in there for you also.
  6. I have used google.docs to collaborate on a variety of projects, but this is going to be the most fun. Beginning tonight I will start to enter my farming and inventory data in this form. You are all welcome to check it out, it will allow you to browse my wares without having to visit my tavern. Also, if you would like to add your own page, I can grant edit permissions to as many as are interested. This could become the most dynamic and complete listing of armor (and maybe pets and weapons) available. It could also serve to help us figure out what "perfect" really looks like. Let me know
  7. You know that really cool tool that lets you build a level with all the traps and then save it and post a link (I have seen it around, but can't find it at this moment)... anyway, could the genius who made that little gismo make another one that would allow us to recreate our gear, that would be sweet for the trading forum. ooops, please move this to suggestions.. sorry.
  8. Two things... 1. Complex has some really good gear. 2. Just call me Stinky.
  9. lookin for perfect/near perfect hero armour need to be 18% 17% 18% 17% on resistance +9 on health and damage and a ok peircing shot. Aren't we all. Here's my two cents. Farm like a madman. Keep the best stuff and trade the rest. Most of the guys around here are all looking for perfect sets. If you help them complete theirs, they'll help you complete yours. One really good piece that helps someone complete a set is quite valuable to the right person.
  10. Sorry lxlDMRlxl I usually only get on the forums at work, then just stay on xbl at home. I did some serious trading last night and gave away two decent starter sets, but I still have some good stuff left if you want to take a look message me. My trading rules are simple. Take a look around, pick out what you like and leave what you think it's worth. I am interested in learning how to improve my heroes and tips on upgrading.
  11. I have had a lot of success doing a circuit on insane. Usually solo in private games, it's useless to try to farm in public games. Anyway, I start at ramparts and progress to glitterhelm, skipping the dragon, that's too much work solo.
  12. Bump - got some really nice new pieces over the weekend at the spires on insane. Jue Jue, take a look i thin i have the tower stuff we discussed.
  13. I have some nice armor I'm willing to trade for a giraffe, maybe all of the above.
  14. I should have said seeing and hearing, seeing on other forums, hearing in games when mods jump in.
  15. I keep seeing references to a new patch that will come out soon that will somehow ban all the mods and their ridiculous weapons and armor. Is there any truth to this? Does anyone have details on it? Like, when? How? Will it automatically detect the presence of modded stuff in a save file and ban that player? I have also seen discussion about how multiple players are using the "same" modded weapon (somehow it is duplicated by the modder?) and if multiple players end up in the same game with the same gear, ALL their stuff gets deleted. Mod sniping FTW.
  16. Great idea Jue Jue I'll try it next time I find myself in one of those games.
  17. I get the same thing (lousy drops). What I like to do is start at ramparts insane clean all the chests and return to tavern and check there. Use different characters each wave. Then go to spires, return to tavern, etc. progressing all the way to glitterhelm (sometimes I'll even throw in a quick challenge in between levels). It may be completely random, but it seems like I get much better drops with this method.
  18. I think it's called the laser robot. I don't know what the darkbot is. I have the other robot (the one that does barrel rolls). I found a laser robot, but I also need a chicken I think.
  19. Actually WTB, WTT, or WTH (hold for 10 seconds) I believe I need a laser robot to complete my collection. I have several blasticii, godly armor, tons of good (not godly) armor, 6 light sabers and more.
  20. Same... St1nkyP00py1... also see post below some guyis giving away a bunch of new ones.
  21. I have a spare fully upgraded you can have.
  22. I have lots of armor to trade, message me.
  23. I am constantly farming armor. Not looking for any specific item and my assortment is constantly changing, but if you need some armor send me a message and check out my current stock. All have 18+ upgrades; leather, chain, mail, plate, and pristine. I also have an assortment of "starter" armor pieces that are already fully upgraded.
  24. I would like to do some trading for a giraffe. I sent you a friend request also. -edit- Thanks for the giraffe. Looking forward to some game time next time.
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