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  1. Are they really bragging about being #1 during a free week? No, because they can't even achieve that because of this games reputation anymore.
  2. These are the thousands of players who bought the full DLC pack when the game was good, then stopped playing because the game completely sank. They are just checking in to see if the second part of the DLC is any good. It wasn't. DD will drop back off the charts tomorrow.
  3. ^ This guy should not be taken seriously. Considering he's not a beta tester he does not know what goes on behind closed doors so he what he says has no value. Just like anyone who isn't a Musician can't have an opinion on Music, or anyone who isn't an Artist can't have an opinion on Art, right? If we get a crappy patch that went through 'beta testing', clearly they didn't do a good job of testing it. Its common sense. We don't have to know the behind the scenes to work that out.
  4. You get more of a DPS boost from an App Guardian than a Huntress Guardian, but towers cannot be double-boosted by the same type of guardian. A good low-level strategy is to combine App and Huntress guardians (by getting a friend with one and you with another) on a group of towers to deal huge DPS to things like ogres.
  5. The complete DLC pack includes many more DLC's that haven't been released yet.
  6. You don't need nightmare loot to complete nightmare. Why does everyone assume this just because you fail nightmare once and ragequit from ever trying it again? Learn to adapt tactics, nightmare mode is a completely different ballpark to insane. You need two people, genies, and a good setup. In fairness I haven't tried since apprentice nerf, but it was more than possible before (even before Nightmare got nerfed).
  7. New content on easy-hard is playable with the the 1500er-stats and insane-nm can only be archieved by those with highend stats. What are you talking about? Insane can be pretty much completed with no stats- most people start the game on insane. Secondly, a majority of the nightmare content can be done with half those stats, and only the very very end-game stuff needs stats like those. Also: Actually i would like it, if you could be at 90% of max item-stats in 40-80h You can.
  8. Yes = people who worked for their gear without exploiting bugs and not using hacked gear so they know how to easily get their gear again and fixing the economy. NO = people who used hacked gear the get the legit gear + exploited all the bugs in the game they could to get the gear and wold never be able to get top gear again since they can't do it without cheating :P Yes = stupid people thinking a reset would do anything other than piss thousands of people off and stop them playing again. No = smart people who know that resetting would do nothing. There will always be hackers and real mon
  9. So... taking a sword that has 225^ to 16,000 base damage is better than taking it to 90,000 elemental? Seems a bit off to me With 90,000 elemental damage you will be doing 90,000 damage per swing. With 16,000 physical damage you'll be doing closer to 1mil per swing, even with low/average hero attack stat. So yeah... physical damage is the way to go.
  10. Apprentice Tower nerf isn't 15%, no way, my towers (with the NERFED APPRENTICE GUARDIAN - not in patch notes) are doing HALF the DPS they used to. 15% reduced exponential damage ramp, not 15% reduced damage. Nerfing a ramp can have huge consequences, so I wouldn't be surprised if you were doing half the damage.
  11. @Yanahma Whats this for? of course ive seen this. I see their explanations as an excuse to do nothing. Basically, I see it that if they spend more time, energy, and money focusing on one area, they can get that done better then if they focused on everything at once. Yeah. That area being the PC version, and not the console versions. You basically contradict yourself there.
  12. did anyone actually read my posts??? im not talking about artist fixing bugs (nowhere did i say this) im talking about spending less money on artists, and more money on keeping their promises, like the DLC for consoles http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?42659-Console-DLC-News
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