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  1. i relly want that to happen but its not TRENDY has already said that the only DLC we gona get is the lost shards and nothing else and the last dlc gona have a new difficulty its not gona be nightmare mode
  2. lets not 4 get about PLAYSTATION'S ALL-STAR BATTLE ROYALE that game gona be epic comes out on november keep rocking trendy and dd.com
  3. whats bl2? trendy u ROCK!!!!!
  4. they got you classic we as in the community know its you classic22
  5. yes ldts hold that person and have classic tickle him till death
  6. psn danfr0gger is it possible to do both? Friday ------------------- MYSTERY Saturday
  7. you need a toqwe squire and trapest huntress and if you want a mage with ok stats on towers and if your looking for a good build go to http://ddplanner.com/?l=6366 thats map is a good example on the war of dijin
  8. it depends on what map do you join. if you join the 2nd and 3rd new DLC map your gona get kik faster than you cant say "WHATS THE HEll" because on the 2nd and 3rd dlc map freezes and lag with 3 char and sometimes 2 char
  9. the pet ts an apprentice animus it has the same stats as the monk animus "The Mentor" and the name is "A lil Carnage"
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