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  1. The art/colors still. Its what got me hooked in the first one and still has me coming back now.
  2. Kind of miss the music/sound effects for the Trendy logo as well...
  3. True it remids me of a commercial for a new drug....You know what it treats then all the side effects that come with it. Which makes you question if its worth it.
  4. You are a great Champion for this game first and foremost. In my experience with this game though its mostly one step forward and two back with every update that is released lately. Granted it is in Alpha and everything isn't set in stone yet but things that work for the majority of players should not be added one patch then nerfed to near non usable the next by the elite few that require it to be with top tier equipment.
  5. 1) File a support ticket including ur psn. I seen in another thread they handled it cuz what happened to you wasnt supposed to. 2) Dont be over dramatic, just cuz you have to relvl your pets doesnt make the game unplayable lol Heres hoping that you don't get "Over Dramatic" when the same happens to you.
  6. Like some of the visual upgrades. Damage numbers and how the item descriptions are now separated instead of all run together like before. Don't like that my "Original" from monthly quest Thunder O pet got reset but my gold one I got from onslaught wasn't. What is with these legendary pets we earned from monthly quests getting reset/rerolled now with each patch?
  7. They have a mailbox in Diablo 3. Would LOVE if ours in DD2 worked like theirs. HINT HINT Trendy...You don't have to be in the game at the exact time in Diablo 3 to trade it...Just send it to whover in the game through the mailbox at your leisure. Then they have 30 days to receive/accept it or its lost to the Abyss.
  8. Can see both of your points. Yes there are some out there that would like trading in the game so they could make a buck or two on Ebay or wherever. Then there are those genrous souls that just want to help a brother or sister out. I mean there is a mailbox in this game and almost directly in front of you in your tavern when you go there. When are we going to be able to use it? Yet another failure on Trendy's part.
  9. ^^^ This right here I personaly can't/ won't recommend this game to anybody. Till they get it right. Till then its a waste of space on their hard drive and time from their life.
  10. Yep thats the final nail in the coffin. I'm done with this "Experiment" Time to wipe it from my hard drive. Best of luck to you brave souls that continue with this "Experiment" .
  11. No we are not back to dd1. The difference is that with dd1 they said that they won't bring the rest to consoles in the end, whereas now with dd2 they promised to bring everything to consoles and they are still working hard on trying to fulfill this promise. We may have had delayes of parity between the platforms of like half a year and still months to go until we reach real parity, but the situation is way different with dd2 and i for myself am still confident they will reach this goal one day. Yes they will and it will be that ONE day...because the next day will come and PC will get a patch
  12. If Cannons are new king a nerf and DPU upgrade will be on the way...Just saying.
  13. Yeah beginning to agree with some of the negative posts. TIRED of starting over every patch/hotfix. I'm done with this game for awhile. Was fun but now its more of a chore to do anything in this game. I have other games to play that are finished and not being tinkered with/to death. Rest Easy all I'm out.
  14. Yeah probably the same reason we weren't allowed to do it in DD 1 forums...Even if we can take screen shots now and share them on our PS4's
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