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  1. Nobody's killing this chicken! That was in the Chicken challenge while trying to get a friend the cube. Everything is so easy that I wanted to experiment a bit. Physicals, reflects, two buffs criss-crossed, a proxy in the center, and archers all around. I'd say it was pretty safe for the chicken...
  2. What is the projectile speed stat for on the sword of masters, right click is block? Oh, and I was lucky enough to score a trans stone thrower! On insane hc. It fires a projectile when you swing it if you are at full health.
  3. Every tower should definitely not target unless it is missing that 5% or however much health, but if that cap is temporarily removed during build phase that would be good. It does get a bit annoying that towers can't be fully healed, but I would much rather that be the case than endlessly repair an aura or trap when something far more important is in need.
  4. Quickly, somebody pass this information along to Urza!
  5. As of last patch (not the most recent one however), I think they added code for enemies to get webbed. I noticed a Djinn get webbed when it bounced off my reflect beam on Deeper Wells, though he didn't live long enough for me to notice if it affected anything or not. That has been possible for a while, possibly since EV's release. I noticed it a little while after her release.
  6. Apologies to all those who feel I have offended them or talked to them in a less then satisfactory way. I've already been given a stern talking to about my presence on the forums, and will adjust accordingly. Cheers. Great, now Tsuda has been converted to the robot army and I assume will be posting far less frequently now. This is very disappointing, I was hoping to finally have a representative of Trendy that could respond to the bad as well as the good. Ugh.
  7. I can actually appreciate having an official figure that feels like an actual person instead of a robot, and responds without super sugar-coating, or avoiding problems just because it might "look bad". Everything taken away, we're all human beings behind the text, including everybody that has worked on the game. Granted, you can't be yelling and flaming everybody in sight because you disagree, that isn't what I mean, but being able to voice yourself no matter what the context is instead of cherry-picking the pleasant posts to respond to (referencing Jer) is a good thing. I understand Jeremy'
  8. All games purchased through Steam are tied to that particular account, and as long as you are signed in to that account, you can download and play the games anywhere you want to. Some games do have terrible DRM built into themselves that limit the number of times you can install the game, but that isn't on Steam's end and you probably won't run across them anyway. I think Bioshock did it? Can't recall. You can also sign in to any Steam account through the Steam client on any computer, just have to enter the login info. Only hitch is that, if you have the Steam Guard setting turned on for th
  9. 6: Similarly, indicator what defenses are going to be hit by a buff beam before it's placed, PLEASE. This ties in with numbers 2 and 5 because sometimes you build it and need to sell because it's 1 pixel off from hitting that 4th Harpoon and it's almost impossible to do through other defenses. I suggested this to the Official Beta Test Group account via PM a month ago and received this response: This is an excellent idea, the ability to have people easily get comfortable with the "width" of the beam, but just for placement of towers in the very limited buff beam space. I have copied th
  10. #6 is because the Ensnare Aura is a poison elemental tower, so all poison immune enemies ignore it. You will have to strip their immunity if you want to slow them. It just simply doesn't work on Ogres.
  11. Give your monk's gear to squire and try to beat Misty's first waves nm hc. He is going to get destroyed in NM Misty with those stats. I agree with swapping Monk gear to Squire. A popular place to break into Nightmare was Endless Spires (use hardcore for better loot), and looting the chests after the first combat phase. It worked for me, although I didn't have Djinn and Sharken when I tried it so I'm not sure what it's like now. Still, if you can manage to get a strategy exclusively for beating the first wave, and perhaps enough of the second combat to loot the ground, you will eventually pi
  12. I can definitely confirm that they have never stacked, at least not (very) soon after EV's release. I had tested this personally in the tavern as one of the first things I experimented with, hoping that it would stack, but was left disappointed.
  13. Sadly. That's pretty much always been the forum where good ideas go to die. Far more likely to get a developer's attention by posting in this forum. And now this lies in its final resting place. Oh well, it was a good idea while it lasted, I guess...
  14. The same thing can happen in rare cases with player models. Indeed, I've had that happen a few times out of hours of playing as well but it seems to be a very difficult thing to do, and happens in the same way with monsters. I've even seen them get stuck on themselves. This case in particular was happening very often, though.
  15. There is indeed a hard cap that the range can easily pass, and it will just explode once it reaches that point. It should really have a much increased cap, or none at all, since the entire point of the thing is to snipe from a distance.
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