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  1. The game is past its lifetime anyway. They can now just as well make the drops OP by removing that quality reduction code. Any case I stopped playing since they introduced copters. The amount of time it requires to get a decent upgrade once you are using high mythics to trans or higher is just not fun. The power creep and the fact that you feel like you get better drops regularly is in fact the thing that makes rpg's fun. If you only get 1 good item every 1000 hours or so... then really sorry but i just can't be bothered.
  2. Well, there's a reason why all of today's (working) layout guides look the same, use the same defenses -- in the same way -- and use the same strategy. I dunno, Jeremy... You're telling us that Shards and maps like Talay, Karathiki and King's Game can really be completed in Survival mode with "any combination of 4 heroes" (i.e., the original four)? I wanna believe that because I agree that's how the game should work, but I don't think it does... I think you guys started neglecting core hero balance after the EV and Summoner were released. I want to see them complete survival with 4 rangers :d. For the rest, I sincerely doubt that NM is doable with normal statted heros (so not 2k towerdmg heroes) if the EV buffbeam is not used. Any case I haven't been playing this game since they released the last patch. I don't see the fun in spending an insane number of hours in the hope of maybe getting something that is an upgrade. And knowing that I am relegated to doing the same map again and again and again and again and again...
  3. Grmbl, it isn't a nerf. It is a welcome decrease in the difficulty. Anyway, I hope for all the time they have taken this decrease in difficulty for this map turns into a propperly reworked the balance of the entire nightmare progression curb. Hey a man can dream right ? Right ???
  4. I presumed it to be a sarcastic reply based on his previous denouncements of everything he posted in this one last post. But yeah you are right, sarcasm is hard to spot in writing.
  5. he put some stuff up for sale and you can pay whatever you think the gear is worth. He then wonders how long it will take before his shop is out of items and how many tokens he'll end up. Sarcasticly he isn't expecting many tokens while still retaining an empty shop. Well that is what i read out of his post.
  6. You aren't understanding my point. If you've done everything, new content needs to be WORTH doing for those who've already done everything else. I did understand your point. But I am disagreeing with your opinion. You contineously panter on about that new content needs to be there solely for the high end people playing. What I am saying however there is a new map that that doesn't mean that this map should bring new loot that should be rewarding for the high end. Maps can have different targets. And maps van be entertaining just for what they are, it is a change from the maps that you are used to. It isn't because of the drops that I do certain maps, although I won't disagree that it is an extra incentive. But if TE had ever introduced the shards maps without introducing statsinflation map upon map, I would have enjoyed the game much more. Since I would have had choice what I would like to do. instead of being funneled into 1 and only 1 map before I can progress onto the next. And in the end we play to have fun, not to work. Some grind sometimes may improve the game (by giving an extra objective), but it should in my opinion never ever ever be the sole focus. This is my opinion, and I do know I'm not alone with it. PS : I only got 430 hours invested in this game and am as well at the 1.7k mark. But since copters my progression has been severely impeded. And I would love the game returning to the days before the copters...
  7. First off, why don't you go ahead and read more than one post before you turn into a smart ***, k? throwing casuals a bone and catering the final map that has even been officially announced is a very different thing. Making a map that everyone can farm sup\ults on by starting on wave 28 with absolutely NO stats, whatsoever, is EXACTLY a 180. They fixed it and now are reducing it slowly into a pile of crud again with constant nerfs, I felt it was perfectly tuned outside of coptors being too high\far away. After it's buffing I was still able to use my same build and start as late as wave 20(which most people understand as the difficulty jump wave in most survivals). I felt that was a very reasonable tuning considering most of builders are 3.5-4k+ Be smart before being a smart ***, kthxbai There is no reason whatsoever to have any specific map be a new map targetted for a high end people. There is no reason to consider king's game as the logical progression after sky city. It is even so that it seems logical to consider CD as the last map targetted at the end gamers seeing as this map closes the entire storyline of the game for the moment. Any additional maps can have other targets. The intention, per definition of Tsuda, was for the kings map to be a catch up or throw the casual a bone map. As the map stands now, it is still to much of an end game map instead of an in between map for the lower end people to catch up to the higher end people so they can enjoy the rest of the game without coimpletely (notice I didn't state partial) invalidate the progress the high end gamers have had. So can I please suggest that you try to look at the map from this side instead of baseline considering any new map as the next difficulty? And based on this premise, I would like for you to reevaluate your opinion on this map. We know that how the map was at the start was a tad to easy. But as it still stands, it is still to hard for the people it was aimed at. The casuals and not the people like gugniir with their 3-4k builders.
  8. I hate these rockets that go over my reflect walls...
  9. I don't understand why a game should revolve around work... in the end the objective is to enjoy yourself when you are playing the game. However, for me, the fact that I keep hitting this Wall 'O Doom is severely detracting from my enjoyment of the game. So is it then to much to ask to make sure there is no more Wall 'O Doom, and that the progression is ironed out better so people aren't going to feel like they are wasting their time. And that is what I always mean when I say a good RPG has no grind (or it is barely noticeable). I don't mean it literally I just mean that because of the progression feeling naturally that you are grinding the monsters by just playing the game and having fun. However if you have to kill the same mobs in the same way in a massive amount of time for nearly no improvement... I can tell you after a while you get Fed-up... i'm at that point now. And for saying you have to have 900 hours before you are entitled to have my kind of gear... I can easilly do that, since it is called letting the PC Idle with DD started up. It is just 1.5 months of letting the game idle. Not really something to base something which you should or should not have...
  10. Excuse me, since when did you start to believe that DD should be tailored to cater **your own likings** and not a global player base?? Man, and I was talking to someone about deluded self-important pr****. He is right however from a pure business point of view. You never balance for the high end people. you always balance for the average to the casual. But nothing should stop a company for ocasionally releasing something for the more highend people. But that does not include an entire extra difficulty, it is just to much of a carrot that casuals will want to crack.
  11. The game is far from being perfect, it is also far from being a failure, get off your ****ing high horses and stop calling it a failure because it ain't, and if you believe that can do any better, well show the world how you build an indie company and do on your first release. The game isn't a failure, the nightmare balancing has been a failure. The lack of more solo friendly maps (that deliver the same progression option as the more grouporiented ones) has been somewhat of a failure. Nobody is forcing anyone at gun point to play this game, I can bet that 99% of the *****ers lurking around paid way less than 20$ for the full package, then come here and act so high and might, show me another game that will easily last you 200 hours, if you don't like it, then don't play it, as easy as that. There are plenty other games out there to choose from, if I was Trendy I wouldn't worry about this anymore, trying to please people is literally impossible, I'd cut support from DD and works towards releasing the sequel. In real life i'm scrooge. Even if I got 400 hours of fun out of it, I'll try to squeeze 450 hours of fun out of it. And DD has a lot of potential if they can solve the issue of the balancing. But as it stands for me DD2 is not an instant buy. Sorry it just isn't, unless in the next 2 months they solve all the balancing issues. And I spend more like 50€ on this title. And you can be sure it has been more then I have spent on most of the tripple A games that have been coming out.
  12. Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 didn't feel like grinding. Planescape torment didn't feel like grinding Neverwinter Nights didn't feel like grinding Neverwinter Nights 2 didn't feel like grinding Mass Effect 1 -> 3 didn't feel like grinding Dragon age 1 -> 2 didn't feel like grinding The witcher 1 -> 2 didn't feel like grinding Gothic 1 -> 3 didn't feel like grinding Again, the characteristic of an RPG does not necessarily equal grinding. But it does not mean that it can not have a bit of a grind. However, it is the easiest and unimaginative implementation of the role playing part, but not necessarily the best.
  13. Uhm... no, granted that this game takes it to a far extreme but, unless you are talking about a dumbed down rpg of the likes you see these days, grind has always made part of rpgs. Grind for EXP Grind for (currency) Grind for loot. heck I even remember FF3us, not the brightest game out there when it came to difficulty, you could walk straight all the way to the end, or you could grind for hours for the rarest loot. Of course it didn't mean grind for days for the chance of receiving an upgrade, but the grind was there. grind does not make RPG =! some grind is not part of an RPG ergo : an unattainable dangling carrot not feeling like an unattainable dangling carrot is not grind, but is part of any good rpg. edit : =! means not equal to
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