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  1. is this working for everyone else? steam says i have it, but nothing in game has changes and i cant create a jester. problems?
  2. Call me crazy, but i wouldn't consider it PMSing when all save data deletes itself for no reason. Not really a feature other games are shipped with. This wasn't a feature advertised with the game when released, so i feel i'm more than a bit justified in saying i did not receive what i paid for.
  3. Mentioned nothing about freezing in my post. Literally nothing.
  4. bought the 3 dlc's and had game patched and STILL just lost everything off all my characters. WTF is trendy doing with our money, because they sure arn't fixing actual game issues. Contact number for a refund would be greatly appreciated. Also, an explanation as to why i was blocked from the face book site would be appreciated as well, as i only stated true things that had happened to people around me/me.
  5. Have 7 level 70+characters, lost everything off all of them, plus all money and items in storage. Effectively lost almost days of effort into this game. Wish for game refund, will delete of hard drive to obtain refund. Don't believe iv'e received satisfactory product for money paid.
  6. its incredibly pathetic that my highest hope for this patch is to fix all of the massive issues that came with the game. im already convinced that anything new at all is completely out, or if there is anything new, itl be as broken with no support as the original content. Though, on the bright side, once again pc happens to be getting more new characters and content. It may not be the best sex, but at least trendy ensures were all regularly ****ed.
  7. Its odd that backing up save files is thought of as a solution. The game saves on its own, and as with every other game I've PAID for, they've never randomly deleted all my progress. That's not part of the product i paid for. If i did however want something enjoyable for a day or two before it randomly and completely erased several hours of sometimes tedious yet overall satisfying work, I'd duct tape and etch-a-sketch to my dryer. Or just hope the game never gets debugged. Both wont cost me anything and seem completely possible at this point.
  8. the release of a product with a major malfunction such as deleting most or all progress is independent of the staff size. im a single person, in fact i know several individuals who commonly do things correctly the first time. They chose it as a job, so one would assume they know how to do it. If i randomly walked into my bosses office and shredded half of what i had given him the previous week, every week, I'd be fired.
  9. Il start with my characters stats: Apprentice (Tower) 99/140/100/103 lvl 70 Monk (Aura) 133/128/102/107 lvl 70 Squire (Tower) 109/122/100/107 lvl 70 Huntress (Trap) 97/84/50/31 lvl 44 Been trying to make a giraffe run on mistymire (Easy) and have died twice on wave 27 and 29. cant seem to find any equipment with better stats than i have now, but nothing i have is all that great to begin with. just looking for some advice on either how to set up a run with my given characters or good place to look for helpful equipment. Thanks!
  10. "IGN: How much is the DLC? And will it be available for all platforms on the same day and date?" "Jeremy Stieglitz: $3.99 for each of the four sections, which combined have almost as much content as the original game." seems like an unrealistic claim for us console users considering the game isnt comprised of only 4 maps, and the new dlc seems so far, to be yet again a single map.
  11. XBOX 360 dlc?Is it delayed or not coming anymore? its almost noon on the release day with no additional info and nothing on the marketplace
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