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  1. It might be legit, but those stat values seem to be pretty popular with illegitimate items. Example 1 Example 2 Aside from the obvious ridiculously high attack, both items also sell for only 1 mana. is hacked period. the odd of u having 2 item with 117stats is nearly impossible, a pet can never go reach 100k-.-" atleast to me. NO Freaking Wand/Staff can ever EVER get more then 35k i would say.
  2. boots with 90% resist, ovibously is hacked, and magic missle with 2k stats is not 32k dmg, hacked item!
  3. Please try this comment again. H.a.n.d Naed.draagur
  4. Sounds like a hacker helped them out. lol go check the ladder and u'll know who's that Hacker is -.- wave30 1mill score only 9min -.-"?
  5. If you're not sure and it looks just a bit too good to be true go ahead and report it. Every report is reviewed and double checked to make sure. If it isn't possible they'll enjoy their ban :) so u saying report everysingle guy who have over 300stats but no negative? if randomly reporting would help out the community, there wouldn't be all those complain in the forum now.
  6. I hate such comments... because they don't help people.so you say it's very possible, then please be so nice and post your strategy to the community or simply save ur energy you wasted by typing that line of words :) Thank you! I hate your comment as well, not pointing anything but just being jelly. for people who can do it think u as a LEecher. u either don't want to use ur brain, or u just can't find friends to play with u.
  7. for everyone never reach to wave 25+ in HC NM survive in forest. Currently there's alot of bugged item that's Name after Godly but over400 500stats Yes is hard to believe, but once u reach there u'll know why. i've found the new squire item looks like a mouth. Godly 500hero dmg. but when my friend look at my hero info he say the item only show as 128 so yes, alot of bug
  8. Trendy had a long time to do something about hackers. Their solution? Attach a rusty and heavily damaged anti-cheat system which sits on the server like a burned out car. At this rate nothing will happen to hackers, so play in private rooms like the best of us. Make some friends( Real Friends) and start playing private together :)
  9. Because post count equals epeen. Moron get back to your shallow lonely cave you call your home and go out in the real world more. Post count =/= winning indeed, he doesn't understand u can do so much with lightning tower. either they bad at math or they just think the higher number = Better... Aka, Fireball tower
  10. I love using lightning towers in pretty much any nightmare map with heaps of spiders. Don't let the tower's base range fool you, if you've got a line of spiders coming down a pathway (like the bottom path on misty), then the chain lightning jumps down all of them extending the tower's range like crazy :) excalty all u need to do just kill the lightningresist one :D
  11. Ensare whole map, Make electric tower ( not Aura ) trust me. Or just make Deadstrike target different direction.
  12. After 3 days challenging NM Summit I finally DID IT!!!! was doing it in HC the first 2day but realize it was way to hard (u'll see the death number....) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/684/30336320.png/ Give out some tip for people and try doing it better then me ._." http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/521/84571660.png/ I build towers on the highground edge because spider doesn't spawn there and with slowaura underneth, they'll die before havn't a Chance shoot web. Also in the middle i put aura there because that's where most of the spider spawn, with slow aura not just sl
  13. So you got that far in the game without knowing hero speed caps out for each class? You have 400 speed points that do nothing at all. when did i say i don't know speed cap. U overthink to much kid.
  14. How about the fact he gets kill easy in nightmare? he is suppost to be a tank but he gets kill just as quick as the other classes if not quicker since he has to be in the thick of it. I don't die fast, i die slowly. but honestly, can't do much but attracting spider on me or Hold rightclick to block Orges 163k hp 87genit 71% others, just slow gettig chippd away. 1 more thing, even with 500hero speed u run as fast as 50herospeed lol Slow AS ****
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