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  1. yea know but i hope to ateleast get unbanned worst case senerio is that i rebuy it i love the game and want to play and i be happy to rebuy it cose i miss my mage ^^
  2. Hello My name is Filip and i wille back my fu**ing brother diseded to play on my steam acount and DD and then to hack some mana and i got banned and i wanna play the game i know i dont get unbanned but is there some1 that can give me the mail so i can send a mail to the DD team and talk to them maby i can get unbanned and be able to buy the new stuff it looks relly nice. or if possible that i can talk to the Steam team if they could remove my DD so i can rebuy it edit: just found out that he also hack items -.- so no i change my steam pass and locked my door ^^ thx in advanced :)
  3. relly cool Ide m8 :) +1 on this one :) but thepet should be rare :) like doing mysty forets Surv to wave 30 ;)
  4. just a quick question :) a friend of mine just gave me a weapon and said that is relly good 10000 base dammage and 254 upps -.-. so i knew it was hacked i ofc sold it in the tavren keeper got 200mil lolololol can i get banned by getting a weapon from a friend and use i ? or only him gets banned for hacking it. i dont like hacking and hacked items not funny to play then but just curius :)
  5. who cares that some pplz will add hacked item then add a filter that detects hacked items or what ever i know they can do it. then remove the player shop and make the dufef store on the steam thing were you can uppload items connect to the Auction House thing in the tavren an NPC would be cool :) then you have to pay some mana depending of the value you put of the wep :) 10 % maby
  6. make vote here if you want Mana Lock away or mana storage its a geat idea if you wanna have more mana thatn 2 bil hope they add it and max mana is 10 bil :) only in the storage or the save in the secret room :) http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?40255-Suggestion-About-Bank-Get-Mana
  7. i support MonkasPT 110% on this one vote here if you want AH in game i made the Vote but it is Monkas Idea :) http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?40285-Auction-House-In-Game
  8. either cange the mana cap ofc to 10 bil only in the safe in the secret room not on the char on the char only 2 bil still but to have somewere to put all your mana so you dont have to invest all to get more that is just retarded that you have to do that -.-. all over 200 mil no nama from farming nm -.-
  9. I just found a paypal item seller and i desided to report him cose i wanted to buy an item for mana and he was like the is a paypal shop retard ok i sayd and b4 i asked that i asked prize of wep he say 15 then he said i have a cheaper one over here he say 10 i asked 10 mana or 10 he yes 10 euro then i asked if he was the hos he said you so ffs ban him i wanted to buy the wep Blade Of the North 251 upps for mana but no PP only -.- so here you go a Pic as my evidens or how its spelled!!!
  10. The Post and idea is From MokasPT and i just make the Poll :) Here is Original Post : http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?8506-Auction-House-In-Game.
  11. OMFG that is soooooooooooo good idea i allmost *** im my pants that is so Brilliant maby make a new char in the tavren called "Blackmarket Guy" and then have Buy and sell Funktion on him cose if i wanna buy a wep i dont have to run to uther players shop shure then thay might as well remove the "shop of" thing cose no1 will use that anymore. i relly like the idea dude im going to make a vote about that saying its your idea but i make the vote :)
  12. a mixed class towers from monk and apprentise xD and hp from squire
  13. yes :) i wand to be able to change the name i mean why not. then thay can remove the char name change to right becouse why change name ? right !!!
  14. isnt the storage and lock away same thing :) or you mean a box seperate and then a funcrion in the safe in the secret room :) the safe seems like a safe place to put my mana to keep it from being stoled xD make a PIN code to (joke)
  15. make the barb towers diffrent like unuther skin not the dam wood crap if you adding walls and stuff :) or mak it a mix of all the uther classe Monk auras huntress Traps and Squire walls and mage towers xD that would be nice Nay. that would be FKING AWSOME XDD
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