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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/id/McBoobies/screenshot/631862291248837781?tab=public C/o= Bidding starts at 200M
  2. 1 hour till bidding ends for hunt guardian #2
  3. 5 minutes till i close auction
  4. 10 minutes till i close auction
  5. im closing bidding for app guardian in the next hour, going to bed so highest bid before i decide to leave gets it
  6. huntress guardian #2 bidding ends in 17 hours c/o=200M
  7. Bidding for app guardian ends in 3 hours c/o is 350M
  8. "Bidding starts at 100M unless mentioned otherwise. Please leave steam Id with your offers." then check current offer and top it
  9. xvanityx, umm current offer 310M cant bid under current offer
  10. auction for 2 pets closed, skal wins them both at 150m each
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