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  1. It's not for a too easy, it's for the simple fact that we have lives and once you hit a certain point in game, it leads to farming one way or another, for either your own gear or just mana to buy gear. It just takes stupid amounts of time for sucha small lack of payoff, I mean, I love DunDef but the amount of time it takes to get anywhere once you've done the main campaign in NMHC is a little on the ridiculous side.
  2. I think there should be a way to save a build, upgrades, placement, and directions, you know, everything, and be able to load it at a later point at the cost of mana. All placed towers/minions etc would still scale/spec to your stats, so long as you/that character is in or is brought out. If not, just keep them as is with no scaling. Maybe have a load be a minimum of 15 (or 20) in so you can't spam the familiar reward. but be able to continue it later or to simply skip the first 15 waves of really slow mana earnage and upgrading frenzy. Cost for loading would scale as to how many wave
  3. So agree with this, I would love to be able to do something else and still see it going in the background to keep an idea on it. Also fast Alt+Tabs
  4. Yeah, it's damn handy but I choose to repair, flash heal is my "Oh ****" go to command >.
  5. No idea if it's a glitch or they are just able to appear like this, but I found a mask with no stats at all and I can upgrade it 8 times. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198004003880/screenshot/540676547511162810 So confused haha, are they supposed to be able to spawn with no stats? I know they normally drop with a small amount of stats but none is just weird haha
  6. Yeah, judging by how this is going solo it'd be better having somone else do the building and upgrading and have Summoner in overload for quick repairs and summoning minions. But even still, his cast rate in the "Physical relm" is atrocious. (No idea if I spelt that right) I also think the RTS view should be able to go higher for places that are enclosed, like Alch Lab and stuff, I like to just watch over EVERYTHING going on and see what gets damaged and repair it rather than continuely scrolling back and forth.
  7. I think it's been brought up a few times but hell, I want it so damn much haha. After a sharken has pushed a barrier or defence, it takes way too much time to rebuild it and fully upgrade it before more enemies appear. And my wall builder isn't always in the match and I do alot of solo or just two player co-op with me as the builder of everything so i can't even move it back mid match. We really need it so either while you repair it, it moves back to where it was placed originally, or maybe a second "repair" function that does that at a cost of mana.
  8. +1 to this, that would be fantastic. and also healer stance for Mages, so they can focus on healing a certain person/minion/defence.
  9. I'll second this, even Barb has a faster cast rate :/ Although I do believe this should be in "Suggestions" not Patch Notes haha. Edit: Also I don't even phase out to upgrade in survival, since I want to still pick up mana so I can keep upgrading.
  10. Thank you very much my friend, I only just moved back to nVidia 'cause I bought a Gainward GTX 560 Ti 2GB. Fixed it right up and now I get all my HUD/UI. :D
  11. *Or HUD, whatever you want to call it. Don't know if it's just me but, when I have my controller plugged ina nd have a second player jump in, all UI disappears. Logging in with both at the same time, not even the "Quick/public/private" menu shows up, I can still click on Private from knowing where it is but once I'm in, no health or anything appears. Logged in without controller (So just me on Keyboard and no second player), everything works fine, but on press of the start button, all UI disappears and the second screen just appears blank, still in a menu, but no menu appears. The wei
  12. I was thinking, what if we add in press, say, Middle-click and that will place the first beam, but continue building on that beam from the connector? So instead of building two walls touching at the middle, one giant wall going across in a sort of V shape. It could, I don't know, minus one needed DU for the next parts (Except reflect wall since that has a min of 1). Physical Barriers could have a shared health and upgrades but still boosted by how many DU have been used all up. It would make them stronger but not OP as they would be a HUGE target for Sharkens. I have no idea if I'm ex
  13. Ahk fair enough. Makes sense then.
  14. Of course there should be a minimap! With a whole page in the options for it so you can change what shows on the minimap. Also I think we should get a UI editor so we can place everything where we want on the screen.
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