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  1. Err, did you by any chance reply to the wrong thread? :P
  2. Hi, I've had my hero shop open twice but nothing sold (didn't see anyone in my shop when I was looking) so I figured I'd make sure it's not working by hosting a hero shop for a whole night with a few items at the price of 100 mana each so if anyone came around they would most likely buy them and sell to bank for free mana but alas, nothing sold so I'm certain people can't see my shop in the shop list. I can join other people and I can host normal rooms just fine (90% of the time I can join others and others can join me, don't know what causes me sometimes not being able to join someone but
  3. Just thought I'd say I had a trade bug too, traded 19.5m (xmas present mana) from another account to my own account, trade completed and disappeared from other account but my main account didn't receive the mana (it disappeared totally). Posted about it on "Report a Game Issue".
  4. Hi, I had an extra Dungeon Defenders copy from buying a four-pack and today I decided to gift it to my girlfriend (shes been wondering if she should get it too), but we agreed I could take the mana christmas presents on the account. So I gifted the game, logged on my girlfriends steam account, gave the money to my friend, switched back to my own account and traded the money from my friend to my own account, BUT, when we traded, I could see the 19.5 million mana, I saw he accepted the trade so I accepted too, the trade window stayed for 2-3 seconds with both parties having accepted the tr
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