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  1. Yarr, I be wanting to ditch my monastery life for one on the seas. Alas, liking Dungeon Defenders on Facebook (through the button on the Xbox home screen) brought no such joy. I'm returning after not playing for about a year (although been playing heaps lately), and really want the outfit. I had the page previously liked, so unliked than reliked. No luck. Is this special no longer available? Or am I just not doing something right?
  2. Ok, guess I'm happy to say I'll probably never play Dungeon Defenders unless I decide to purchase a computer. The demo was fun while it lasted. :)
  3. Ah was in game, found them in the DLC level on insane. Wow, that level gives really good drops! I'll jump back on real quick, if you're on I can give you those animals.
  4. Yeah your on, might have a spare of both said pets I can throw you.
  5. Back online for the morning! Anyone able to help me out with this? Obtained a few helms, gloves and boots but having no luck with chest pieces! What's the best level to find godly armour on? EDIT: Just found Godly pristine armour, guess it needs to be a set for acheivment, I all I need now is Godly Pristine boots! Will keep searching but if anyone can help me out that'd be awesome!
  6. Need to buy some godly armour if you have any? GT: Camo SSS
  7. Ok, stupid me just sold practically everything I found while playing the game, now I have absolutely every achievement bar the full set of godly armour! Since I've played a few times hunting armour, I have a few godly gloves, helmets and a pair of boots or 2, however no armour! Anyone able to help me out? Can trade for any pet, good weapon or can help you out to get another achievement. Cheers guys, my GT: Camo SSS
  8. Lol at Lost shards, it's alright for something new, but the first level released has to be the level I'm least interested in the entire game.
  9. Don't read this download it! Mine's downloading right now :)
  10. Well it's midnight and still not out. Think I'll give up waiting now.
  11. Yeah I know, spent half the year there. Been the 21st for a few hours there though.
  12. I was spewing thinking maybe it wasn't getting released in Australia on Xbox, but seems the rest of the world doesn't have it on Xbox yet. Maybe it should have been voiced to be released on the 22nd.... Well still an hour and a half of the 21st left here, been a long day of waiting though.
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