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  1. it is possible to progress in this game at your own, but it will be like "20h of survival, 1 better item, 20h of survival, 1 better item" etc. and the progress per item will be like 10-20% max, if you are lucky - maybe more. also best map for you will be misty surv, maybe campaign to wave 12 if u cant surv yet
  2. did they change the way buff beam buffs traps/auras? before the patch a trap was buffed when the buff beam passed in any place of the trap trigger, now it works only if the trap center is at the beam path? or maybe that is just another bug?
  3. well, im a little bit happy that trendy did something after all that chaos with 7.26a&b, not perfect but always something
  4. at 7.20 it was really hard to get to higher waves in NM, now it is much simpler. now again the difficulty will go up... and it is like that all the time since NM came out (difficulty up, difficulty down, how many people in trendy tests what they change? 2 persons?). the patch notes look rly whimsy for me. the monk buff is nice but it is impossible to win this game with hero dps only so nothing will change tbh. and rly, after like month/two trendy has finally found that bug? nope, i dont get it, it is too huge to overlook i think that it is time for me to quit this game for good.
  5. just use this and everyone will know how u build it http://ddplanner.czokalapik.com/
  6. was trying misty few times. my question is, what pet should i use? everyone in team should have a guardian? any exceptions?
  7. Just an FYI, people who actually bid get priority over those who want to talk privately. It's less hassle for me than trying to contact 5 different people who want the same item. maybe you will tell us when the auction ends then? because it doesnt look like an auction
  8. want to make a buyout on dt1, already added you on steam, paying rly good steam - Nershir
  9. add me, got something that u'll like http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043809656/screenshot/595833494670810483?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043809656/screenshot/595833494670814779/?tab=public
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