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  1. Extra shard for streaks, even if the streak isn't broken by a bug, is like jumping at night to see the stars from closer.
  2. In C3 at least. 3rd time now that it rolls a legendary and drops a has-been universal loot like the crystalline saber, only there's no squire in my deck and the legy is vastly under the ilvl the map should drop. 719 HD weapon when it should be 1962 HD.
  3. Just had the same again. Dead road, the spawn where there's a U-bend in the lane with the activatable green spore tree thingy. Wave 4 again, Roller again, same spawn again, only this time I jumped on the lamppost and cellotaped RMB and went to make dinner. Came back to a timeout. How does the game set you AFK while firing?
  4. TE why can't we have the end of round "despawn everything after only a few mobs left" thing affect bosses as well? Can't tell you how many times I had to abandon games because of this. Ofc always on later waves, not early ones. Ofc. Sometimes you can put dmg inside the spawn but I just got a roller facing me while stuck in there with troll blood... I mean come on man. If there's only the one boss left on the map despawn it after a while. Worried how ppl kiting bosses can exploit this? Only despawn it if it hasn't had a target for a moniute or whatever. There must be a clever way going about th
  5. Gave up c1 farming for range and vampiric at alvl 45, which with my timetable (similar to yours) was just shy of a week. My advice to you is, don't farm c1 at all. get a decent gear and move on. You don't need perfect gear and shards to move up a tier.
  6. Not a bad idea and seems easy to implement. I'd rather shards be convertable at whatever ungodly rate so ppl can play at the max tier they can and not have to do 2-3 tiers lower for a shard they're missing. But short of having that, you're idea is still a better system than the current one.
  7. alvl 40 never left c1, got 1 range, but no vampiric or shielding.
  8. And rearrange everything once you get a new one?
  9. - preferably multiple choice filter like bag autocollect. E.g. Defense+Hero+level descending - also by recent. When I open shards after 2-3 maps and I have to go through all of them to find out which ones are the new ones is annoying. I could do it in bag and not the sorter, but then I'd have to move them into the shard bags manually 1by1. - which is another thing. Moving stuff from 1 bag to another, for us with OCD about our inventories. - let us swap bags with each other as well.
  10. Are you sure it's not you selling stuff off from your inventory and the game calculating that into the final sum? Cos iirc when you sell something and you close inventory quickly you can see the gold gained floater, so maybe the game counts inventory sales on map towards the final sum. Just thinking aloud here.
  11. In his video the Flamers stopped doing dmg on the boss at the exact moment he got damaged by the boss aura the first time.
  12. Ahh, ascension is account-wide, wow, that is a revelation :) Thx m8!
  13. So best way is to build the towers, then remove heroes from deck and only leave 1 dps with c1 random gear and upgrade that 1 character until it reaches c4 gear? Doesn't that mean I lose out on a lot of ascension Xp with those builders that I'm not having in my deck?
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