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  1. You do if you have the reflexes of pushing WASD to NOT get killed by a spider. can't tell if dps huntard, or hasn't actually solo'ed mm nm mm hc past wave 25 spiders aren't a problem. You can just camp a ledge and lose aggro of 100% of spiders Splash damage from ogres while repairing, or 1500 movespeed DEWS that can jump over your 1600 aura range ensare are. When you actually play this game solo, you have to trade damage for time in order to maintain all 4 lanes. You can't do that with **** resists. 87/72/72/71 with 2500+ tower attack. So don't try to make the argument that you'r
  2. Why do you need resists on a tower set?If there was no resists i would buy it you dont beat wave 25 solo hc mm mistymire forest with **** resists
  3. sicarius does poison damage, so it's automatically a poor weapon choice for the majority of nightmare gameplay. the steep mana cost is just a hint that you shouldn't be using the weapon at all...
  4. 4.http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7...827158794232/? 200 million 5.http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7...827158796250/? 1.1 billion
  5. can i buy any of the pieces now?
  6. Quad Resists (the number doesn't matter as long as it's not negative 19%) 200+ tower health 200+ tower attack 200+ upgrades please provide links or stats.
  7. 180k dps on nightmare or dummy in tavern? on dummy ofc if he had 1.1M dps, there'd be no point in doing insane UMF. (would require at least 800 hero attack in addition to a 240^ weapon)
  8. Pure Strategy is easier because you dont have to do squat for the spiders. They still web your towers. Just the ones that actually spawn from the spawn doors instead of dropping, refuse to approach your towers. DEW in higher waves 3-shot 3-star 1000+hp towers. webbed towers won't kill 800 move speed ninjas fast enough.
  9. I made it to wave 16 on insane and just simply quit. It was taking far too long (can't do anything but upgrade during waves) and the loot was awful, the experience was terrible, and the mana was subpar. The loot rewards really need to be reworked. No. Wave 15 nightmare drops worse than Insane Glitterheim Cavern Campaign. It's not just worse than other equal difficulty level alternatives. It's worse than the difficulty level below it. /not_new One that's been ignored for a long time. Anyone that wants to do PS has a problem with it. And the people that say it's fine, avoid PS entirel
  10. ^231 Tower Leather Boots http://steamcommunity.com/id/iCookie...05/?tab=public 1billion mana, let me know
  11. It's too low for the difficulty of the challenge (NM PS is obviously more difficult and/or gear intensive than Insane anything, yet the loot often reflects otherwise.) Buff PS to be on par with normal Survival Mode. Or, instead of removing elemental immunities entirely, allow the mobs to have 50% elemental resistance instead, so the incentive and difficulty increases. Then, there will be no doubt that it would be on par in difficulty with mixed mode, and the loot should then reflect such. There is no good reason against this, because hardcore will obviously have no effect on PS, so PS
  12. I think a better fix is: If a melee mob is attacking from within the dark zone, they are made vulnerable like their ranged counterparts. Certain warping core challenges, it's impossible to block an ogre from attacking a nearby crystal without body-blocking them and kiting with heroes. If 2x crystals are in such a position, it becomes impossible solo. The problem arises because the ogre is within attacking range of the crystal *with splash from the wide arc of his swing* within the safety confines of the dark spawn due to his overly large figure.
  13. It would definitely be nice to be able to look at the tower ranges and triggers at times other then just placing that specific tower. i can't see the range of most of my towers even at the time of placement due to their very long range + the green light doesn't show for different elevations than the point of tower placement. My DST have ~ 62 range, and I can't place them correctly most of the time to snipe ogre/wyverns from 2-3 spawn points w/o trial and error and judging by the angle based on the shape of the tile patterns.
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