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  1. Ah, perhaps they will do better soon. We will soon see.
  2. Trendy, you've done a ton of good work on survival spawn logic lately, for which I am grateful. However, I'm still running into a snag on this one. As of about wave 14 Mistymire NM survival (regular mode), I was getting big Djinn and Sharken rushes at the end of waves. I only ran it up to 16 because it was getting too ridiculous, but it was getting worse each wave in that small time. Here is the end of wave 15, for example:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024589496/screenshot/540675087141728945/?tab=public That was after about 10 Sharken and 10 Djinn spawned as the last enem
  3. So I tested out a build on NM misty survival consisting of only traps, auras, EV walls, and buff beams. It was actually the most successful build I've tried since Sharken were released (though I haven't run Kandar's build yet since I've been trying my own. I'll try that later). However, I discovered that Sharken STILL charged EV walls sometimes. I can't say exactly why. I don't think it was because I was standing behind them, as I believe it happened in places where I was not near at the time. It probably happened an average of once per wave. I ran a str drain/elec/ensnare aura for eac
  4. Funny because they dont charge at EV walls, but every other wall is pretty much screwed. Hmm, Trendy is hungry for some monies for Series. Yeah, I agree they are pretty broken. They definitely charge at my EV walls. If they're not charging at yours, I find that strange, and I'm wondering what's going on.
  5. I know this might be strange to post someone else's ideas, but I couldn't let this go unnoticed. Here are some truly interesting ideas for new mobs that encourage variety in strategies, rather than discourage it. Wise words, and only a few ideas among plentiful possible ones for new GOOD monsters. Full credit goes to Reflectice for this, from this thread: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?60398-May-2012-Walls-Moving-Ruining-Game/page2 [QUOTE]It's amazing how with every nightmare mob, they manage to decrease the variety of builds. Now, most survivals are build the crystal and spam
  6. I wouldn't know about any of their builds, but mine takes me to Mistymire and Aquanos wave 30 even when I downgrade my character's gear a bit. This is a bit of an old quote, but nikodareus, if you're still reading this thread, would you mind sharing your mistymire build? I don't mean this as a challenge against you, and my intent isn't to prove you wrong, but I do think it would be an interesting test for me and perhaps others to try it out and see how it works for us. Might give us all some idea about how much stats matter, and how much your exact placement matters vs. approximate plac
  7. Incidentally, I just tried a run on NM misty survival with lightning towers on every lane because I've seen people saying "OMG lightning towers stun Sharken, so easy, never fails". Well, it failed on wave 9, the wave I started on, and quite quickly. I had decided to try to play my apprentice instead of the squire, to see if that helped. The Sharken charged through and killed me in one shot, in addition to ruining my towers. For the record, my general build was: each lane had 1 physical beam, 1 harpoon, 1 lightning tower, 1 str drain aura, 1 gas trap. I put a few proxies around for spider
  8. I hesitate to contribute to this feces-flinging festival of an argument, but I think the thread could use some good old fashioned personal experience instead of all the personal attacks going around. I'm of the opinion that Sharken's mechanic doesn't belong in the game, so that's the position from which this post stems, but it's not the part to argue about in this thread. I've been attempting NM Mistymire survival for a while now, and almost all of the builds I've tried fail around the same time, say wave 10 or 11 (sometimes earlier if unlucky with Sharken, sometimes a tad later if lucky wi
  9. I find this as well. Less transparency on the aoe display might do the trick.
  10. I agree, far more useful. Lets you play during the wave instead of having to watch the map for emergencies all wave.
  11. the way i deal with sharkens depends on the map shards maps have a gas and a proxie infrount of walls maps like magnus quaters a gas trap infrount of each wall works fine My point exactly, all of your strategies are gas traps. It's all really the same thing.
  12. Toprem, I think the note you quoted makes my point. "Towers are now more prioritized to Targeting Charging Sharken", but it does not say winding-up Sharken.
  13. Currently, the only moderately effective way to deal with Sharken is gas traps paired with str drain auras or darkness traps, as far as I know. If anyone else has any good ideas, please share as I'd love to know. In the meantime, there should be alternative ways to deal with them, not just the one. At present, towers only prioritize Sharken during their charge, which means your towers get to shoot at them for half a second (sometimes less) before they come in and rearrange your stuff like a bad ****** in law. I propose to let towers prioritize Sharken while they're winding up, which woul
  14. Alright, Empirical Testing Time! * Djinn: shorter maximum distance on Desummoning Beam, prevents Djinn from Desummoning defensive structures while out of reach of melee heros. (lost a game earlier due to the :*( ) I second that!
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