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  1. Or as a subtitle: "Farming players for cash." or "How you go from a great game, to a mediocre one in order to increase revenue". Take your pick. Everything that is wrong with this game is everything that differentiates it from Dungeon Defenders 1. Meaning: a)The Hero Deck. It is awful, restricting, makes it impossible to solo high difficulty if you need to do so, makes you go in and out on multiplayer as people join up who have what you need but..not in their deck. Hey we all left our purge monks out of the deck. The moment you decide to bring your monk, no one has whatever else is missing... b) The match creation/joining system. Old DD1 was just great. The current one is a mess. c) No bank, selling inventory space and generating content that clutters inventory space. Consumables are now in the game, yeah!! NOT. d) Loot went from huge amounts or interesting loot, item sets, etc (DD1) to loot that only allow cookie cutter builds (forget hybrids folks). e) Tedious monthlies. Seriously 50 pet affection levels? 600 waves? Leveling pets you don't need on maps that generate loot that you don't need. Yeah!! You're a casual gamer? Have a job? Family? Tough luck buddy. f) Timers on eggs. What for? Inventory clutter. Buy bags, buy gems. g) Did I mention separate pet inventory? Buy more bags and gems. e) Overpriced skins/models, yeah! 4800 gems to show your support and buy a new character model. Wait, I already showed my support with the collector's edition and the awakened pack. You obviously need even more support. Yet because I missed the "promotion" (which also required buying!) I can't be recognized as a DD1 veteran. Shows how much you support me, the player that's been loyal to you and already supported you with lots of money although they smelled the direction this was going for. I didn't want the gems that came with the promotion, I only wanted the title. It's the first game ever that I see requiring a payment for giving you a title recognizing you as a veteran from the previous game (and I collect games for over 25 years--1035 games 872 DLCs owned currently on Steam alone). Every game out there that offers such title, all they require is you owning the previous title (which of course I own, with all available DLCs). And I own 2 of copies with all the DLCs, not one. Because I played it with my other half. f) Overpriced skins for pets that you gamble your money on. Yes, I can't even buy the skin I like and apply it to the pet I farmed for. I have to buy/spend gems to transform eggs to get random quality that may or may not have the elemental damage I want. Ad infinitum. g) Here comes the carnival event. Offering a wheel that drops up to 700ipwr legendaries (at least not like the useless shops that cap at 550) with bad combinations of stats and..inventory clutter. Masks(see head skins) that you don't even get to keep, they're consumable and serve as inventory clutter. Either you use them up immediately/sell them or if you want to save them, buy even more gems/bags. While the good part of the event requires..gems again! h) We now know there will be many more heroes coming up! Heroes that you have to buy space for. And skins for. With.. gems! The perpetual carrot. You wanted a MOBA element to this game exactly for this reason, the community of old DD1 players said no and you backed off, yet you kept the MOBA carrot in the game, new heros every other week, new skins for the new heroes, new things to buy gems for. Ad infinitum. Yet, the existing heroes have useless towers, bad combinations and there are only cookie-cutter builds viable. But sure, lets get more heroes because strategy and tower defense is not the point. The point is having new heroes and new skins every month so we have something to spend gems on. I could go on. And I'm sorry for the sarcastic tone in my post but I feel that this way it gets the message across much better. We played DD1 because it was a fun game of tower defense with FPS elements that required strategy as well. This game is turning into the mindless perpetual money making machine that defines games like League of Legends etc. I have already deeply regretted that I supported this title but obviously the romantic in me, smothered the cynical critic and hoped that it would not go this way after all. I have already paid a lot for DD2, but from now on I will not spend another cent on it UNLESS it changes business model, or at least adds a SINGULAR pay-once-for-everything option and addresses the real issues with the game instead of creating perpetual carrots. Fix all existing heroes so that they all have viable tools with synergies with each other and provide content updates in terms of new maps etc that require strategy instead of things that constantly require gems or indirectly just cause an influx of revenue. EVERYTHING that was fun in DD1 is missing from DD2 or has turned into something that generates revenue. This report/review will go up on steam as well as my negative review, addressed to the players of DD1 that may have not yet experienced this, in order to perhaps save them from the frustration and disappointment that I personally experienced.
  2. Only reason I would want my waller with def power would be to be able to play onslaught without repairing traps all the time on the higher waves.. In my opinion the old waller build with hero health allowed you to tank effectively/hold mobs on traps making it the most useful builder to have in a match. I guess the main problem is that we can't select who to loot for, the hero deck + loot for current hero only messed that up compared to DD1. If I was able to loot for my waller squire while playing my dps hero, I'd take def power on HB items anyday. But currently you have to bring a builder in a match in order to loot so hero health for the waller squire and I'm the opposite of useless.. On one last sidenote, it's funny that a patch that aims to bring more variety to the squire setups, actually kills a useful one..
  3. Great change as it allows for versatility but why remove the hero health + defense health combination entirely? I liked playing my waller as a tank when I wanted to loot for him..now I can't :(
  4. No mention of Hearty Blockade fix.. This is what everyone is waiting for..
  5. The only thing the F2P model needs is to go back to the B2P model of DD1. When I heard that DD2 is going F2P with microtransactions I was so tempted not to bother with it at all. Still because I loved DD1 so much, I decided to give it a try and I found myself buying both the collector's and the awakened pack (although the game is still leaving me a bitter taste). This business model feels pretty much like you're constantly being milked for money. And the majority of the suggestions in the OP are towards that direction. Also it was very disappointing that old DD1 veterans can not get the title because we didn't hear about it sooner as if that makes us not veterans.. Giving all old DD1 players the title, without the gems (that were in the promotion) would be a good move to make us feel rewarded for being loyal fans of DD... Anyhow: 1) Tower skins and skins in general are ok. Cosmetics and vanity items are the only things I can stand in F2P games as microtransactions. Although as a person who compulsively collects, it's not that great for me, if you got to monetize on something then that's it. 2) No. Big fat no. Dailies are the MOST boring aspect of online games. Repeating the same things again and again daily in order to progress is the most annoying idea ever in online gaming. It's a mask for lack of new content. No new content? Nothing to do at the endgame? Here, do x-y-z every single day. Boring. Repetitive. The current system is ok. A single daily with a backlog of 3, allowing you to choose which ones you want to take with the reroll and do them as part of your REGULAR playtime. Do NOT add more dailies. It is fine as it is. If you want to reward players more, then increase the rewards in the existing system. Players should want to play the game because it is fun and challenging. Not compulsively because they have to do 3-4-5-50 dailies per day. 3) No. Big no. Monthly heros? Like a mindless MOBA? No. A new hero in 6 months or even better in a year is more than enough. Add more tower options or weapon types etc etc. And of course NOT with gems. MOBAs like LoL follow a very specific model: Introduce new overpowered hero, monetize from players who want the overpowered hero, let the game be broken for a period, balance patch that nerfs said hero with all the drama and whining that comes with it, repeat next month. These are very cheap business tactics. Provide depth to your game, not carrots. And certainly not paid carrots. And yes I do hate the F2P model but I already said that. In 99% of its iterations it's just greed on the rocks. Game ending up to cost you 5 times what you would have paid if you actually bought the game. DD1 was amazing on that department. It had a million DLCs (I own them all) but it was far more rewarding and fair. Pay once to support the game and get new content and that's it. 4) Wyvern coins purchasable with gems could not be bad. As long as it doesn't become and insane grind to get wyvern coins so the only real option is to buy with gems. Bypassing grind with a microtransaction is ok as long as the grind you're bypassing is not made impossible/tedious, on purpose, in order to indirectly force the microtransaction. 5) This I could agree with. 6) Yes to reduction of grinds as a general concept and applicable to everything, no to the hero deck in general. Reimplement the DD1 system. Scrap the hero deck entirely. 7) No gem sinks. No carrots. No any P2W possibilities, even remote ones. 8) That's a decent idea. 9) No limited purchases. Whatsoever. Holiday event stuff are ok. But nothing else. Not everyone can spare money whenever they feel like it. Don't make players feel bad because they can't spend x currency this or that month. A seasonal event that lasts for many weeks, during which people may find time some time off their work to play, is ok if it gives a limited something.. But paid limited stuff are not ok. Let players buy what they want when they actually CAN. 10) No tradeable gems indeed. 11) Yes to making some way for a player to get something they missed for whatever reason. No to having multiples of the monthly pets. Let them be what they're supposed, unique. Let the player decide which of his heroes are going to equip what. Spamming all your heros with the same overpowered (in contrast to the rest) pet is just silly. 12) Bring back the DD1 system instead. Much better, much cleaner.
  6. Like the suggestion says. Add a tick to your hero deck that allows you to select what character the map will generate loot for. The situation on high difficulty right now is that most maps require dps characters to be effective which means that looting for def power builders and/or wallers is sometimes an exercise in frustration as you have to be in the waves 2+ with a character that has no hero damage or ability power and in most cases can affect with little more than repairs and the occasional cc ability. A great solution would be what I am suggesting. Add a tick to select what equipped character in your deck you want to loot for. That way you can play whatever is needed/complements your team while still looting for the characters you need loot for. So you can actually play that dps huntress that's on 750 ipwr and help your team instead of your 500ipwr frosty build apprentice that you need to loot for.
  7. Bump! 99% of my friends have all their characters to nm4 level with the exception of their wallers which are stuck. Every day I meet people who are trying to farm for their squire repeatedly on nm3 incursion without any luck :( Please fix the Hearty Blockade loot. Everything else is fine..
  8. So browsing the store I see for the first time 4% HB and I jump around in joy then I look at the rest of the stats.. no hero health no defense health.. who would wear this? These items are supposedly not generated anymore, right? Even if it was for a supposed def power build with semi-decent walls, shouldn't at least one of the stats be barricade related? EDIT: Although all high HB items should have hero health since above 25% it's better than defense health and the HB bonus in itself applies to hero health.
  9. Although it would not be.. 99.99% of the gear I find with hero health + defence health do not have hearty blockade or have it at 2%.. meaning the 580ish ipwr items I loot are worse than the 170ish ipwr items my waller is wearing.. I'm stuck at 179k walls and can't get over it no matter what.. which makes it very hard for me to progress without a decent waller. If I can't find a player with decent walls I'm stuck doing lower difficulty maps droping loot that are useless for my other 4 characters..so I'm stuck trying to loot better gear for the waller which just isn't happening for days now... :( Hearty blockade build gear needs a substantial percentage increase in the loot tables.
  10. +1 Seconding this. I have insane trouble finding any decent hearty blockade gear..
  11. When I opened my presents a lot of the mana crystals got stuck on the lower end of the dps doll right of the tree :( Despite me jumping like a mad man in every possible angle on the doll etc, I could not pick up the mana :( I alt-tabbed and killed the process in hope that it wouldn't save and I could open the boxes again but unfortunately it did save and the stuck crystals had vanished as well :((((
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