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  1. Keep your distance so you can see the animation, and jump when you see blue. That's pretty much the only way to dodge the insta-knockback attacks.
  2. Excluding hero speed, it should be 180 across the board.
  3. Do this Trendy! They'd have to make some weird, oddly colored looking one to bypass potential copyright issues (shouldn't be too hard). But it'd be awesome!
  4. I can't wait! :squire: I always pictured the Tavernkeep backstabbing the heroes one day btw :P
  5. Sounds like when I found the button to turn off step towards melee target... Haha, I loved inadvertently jumping into spikes/lava with that on.
  6. They look sweet!!! Bladed Bracers/Turtle Destroying Wristguards/Shredding Armguards. They're my favorite! (also you can tell the TMNT references in the alternate names) :)
  7. That shield is awesome. Any chance you have the English translations? First two are rares. In English, they are the Graven Vanguard (idk its other 2 names) and the Chained Bracers/Crystal Shard Wristguards/Shattersteel Armguards respectively.
  8. My understanding is that most/all map survival rewards on NM have a chance of being Mythical and a smaller chance of getting Trans pets. However, I have never seen a Supreme pet personally nor heard of them from my friends, but if they exist then maybe they're on a level of rarity comparable to the 'rare' accessories (i.e. maybe 1 in 50 chance I'd say?). Likewise, at the rate I see trans items popup in the Tavern Shop, there would be even more of a slim chance if Supreme Pets were possible shop spawns.
  9. Don't worry, they'll probably release a sneak screenshot teaser or something in a few weeks, similar to the EV. :)
  10. This post makes no sense. You can go over 90% but there is still a 90% cap? So which is it? Is there a cap or isnt there? In Nightmare mode, your res cap is reduced. So in a situation where you have four pieces of armor with 30% resistance, on any difficulty below Nightmare you would 'possess' 120% (4 x 30%) resistance, but functionally you would only have 90% (aka you hit the effective cap of 90%). On Nightmare, your resistances are reduced by 25%, so only on that difficulty, you would 'possess' 120% resistance, have it reduced to 90%, and just touch the cap. Putting it more simply, if
  11. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58818-Treasure-Hunt-Problem It's gonna be fixed. Awesome, great to hear! :D
  12. >320 upgrade levels on trans is the giveaway.
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