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  1. I come back after nearly a year away, try three different towers on three different heroes, all of them completely fail to attack enemies right in front of them half of the time, and when they do attack they do exactly 0 damage, despite facing low level enemies with c7 gear. Why even bother expanding this broken mess of a game? Fix your *** Trendy.
  2. I have not played in 5 months, and don't know if anything has changed in that time, but easily the biggest reason I stopped was Assassins. Assassins made an overwhelming majority of playstyles which has previously been viable suddenly become worthless. They made it impossible for the hero to deal with other threats, which meant that certain random boss combos which required hero intervention would result in a no-win situation. Even when RNG was merciful and I won, it was not satisfying after being forced to spend the majority of the round sitting in a killbox waiting for waves of assassins to
  3. The latest patch increased the overlap between tiers, and reduced the impact of upgrades, making the technique you described largely obsolete. Now you just equip items that are upgrades to what you have, and move up to the next tier when things start feeling easy.
  4. My first impression on the new loot, I like the reduced impact of upgrades. It makes new drops viable without needing to sink resources into upgrading every piece. But upgrading still feels useful for maxing out the potential of a good piece of gear. As for legendaries, I'm getting them much more frequently than before, maybe a bit too frequently. They no longer feel special. On the other hand, most of them have had vastly inferior stats, so RNG is the only thing keeping legendaries that are actually upgrades feeling special.
  5. The upcoming patch notes said that they are increasing gold drops by 60%...but 160% of almost nothing is still almost nothing. And considering that they are reworking gear so that we will be replacing pieces much more frequently, and will have more slots to put shards in...yeah, it's definitely going to be a problem.
  6. Just address the underlying issue; buff core health so they don't explode the instant any tiny enemy randomly bypasses defenses.
  7. So we should manually write down every upgrade we do, develop eidetic memory, and just not do upgrades, all so that Trendy doesn't have to code a simple ***ing tooltip that many of their customers have requested. Thanks so much for this constructive feedback Merk.
  8. It's because pole smash originally could not hit siege rollers at all, then when a dev tried to fix it he screwed his math up and the skill ended up doing far more damage to rollers than it should. Everyone came to rely on Pole Smash to kill rollers, so the dev's decided just just leave the bug in so they wouldn't have to re-balance both pole-smash and rollers.
  9. I'd like a sound effect, along with a clear indicator on the minimap warning when walls have dropped below 66% and 33% health.
  10. The original intention was to make anti-air weapons do significant damage, so they could combo with abilities and defenses that launch ground-enemies to supplement lane damage between air waves. Somewhere along the line Trendy gave up on the whole combo system, and air became more of a chore than a strategic gameplay element.
  11. Most particle effects do not last as long as the actual buff in this game. It's difficult to test though, since the shield amount is so small that it would expire after a single hit from even a small enemy.
  12. It's not viable because snake walls, like trees and other fat walls, have agro issues. In a lane where you can completely block the ground so there is no chance of enemies getting past, using only snakes is completely viable. But if you need to block a wide lane where it's impractical to completely wall off the entire thing, then you'll want a blockade or other thin-wall to grab agro.
  13. Yeah, most of Mystic's kit is either broken or unbalanced to the point of being useless. Her second skill confuses enemies, forcing them to attack eachother. This can be used to shut down crowded lanes, instantly kill kobolds and force the crystal-burrowers to stop before they get to your defenses. I suggest building Mystic for crit damage, don't bother with her 1 or 3, just spam her 2 every chance you get and then use melee/ranged attacks to kill the clusters while they are distracted. Sandstorm traps were awesome until the last big patch when they nerfed the range, somehow also causing it to
  14. Not to worry, Trendy are hard at work implementing loot changes that nobody asked for or wanted, while completely ignoring all of the bugs and issues that are ruining the game.
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