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  1. It still does not work :( did everything it patched already I restarted everything and still does nothing. Mind you its the next day....
  2. Does anyone have a problem where they hit play but nothing happens? I keep hitting play but nothing happens anyone know whats going on?
  3. I got a really nice FrostBlade !! You get it from completing Xmas stage with Squire. :)
  4. Yes me too wish they would do something about that. It is the worse can't play it sell cause it will just disconnect. Its pointless, I wish trendy had their own server instead steam. Steam has nothing but problems.
  5. Is it me or does anyone else have problems with steam always losing connection. I have been having this problem after the new update. I get in the middle of playing survival and than "boom!!" You lost connection with steam :monk:.... hosting or not hosting it happens all the same. "Boom goes the dynamite " please someone fix this hopefully its not just me .....
  6. Thank you for all your input guys!! Looks like umf is not the way to go. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know how much experience you get in umf? Beating it all the way through (solo of course) . Thank you!
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