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  1. I got the giraffe, I also can't find the customization anywhere :(
  2. Wait, so you're placing flame towers and balistas in the lane instead of behind walls? I understand that's why a lot of players use EV machine weapon and auras, but don't ogres and similar monsters still attack the first tower they come to?
  3. I have a very simple question that is a little frustrating to me... "Why is the default tower range for the majority of towers less than the range of Drakins and Javelin throwers?" I understand wanting to strike a balance between short range and long range towers, but the majority of towers are in the 1000-2500 range, and they seem to be nearly at 3k? Possibly more including the distance of the wall they're behind. Is there a specific reason that Squire balistas no longer reach them without deadly strike shards and ascension points? I feel like they've balanced the game around those additi
  4. Hey guys, I'll make this short and sweet. Any game like this where you obtain loot and do not allow trading is a shame. It creates an economy, give aways, generosity, ability to help your friends, etc. I realize there are some very real draw backs to having a trading system. D3 even proved it is possible to create a game without trading... but no thanks. That's why I started playing PoE. I was in the Beta for this game, and I love DD1... just please Trendy. Give us trading? Put it on the board. Make a time line to implement it, and work towards that. Player wise, it feels ***ty to see drop
  5. Are there any other ways to get these tokens other than the dailies and weeklies? I'd love to experiment with other builds offered by the 60 wyvern token ubers... but it seems like almost a month to get one?
  6. I'm doing incursion ramparts for a daily with my NM2 geared builder. At first I tried NM1, and I was obliterated, so I went down to hard which should be a face roll, and found out why I was having trouble.... I think 300k HP on skeles is a little much.
  7. All of the pets and hero attacks (except maybe huntress phoenix) are too weak right now on nightmare difficulties. They do not scale well enough with hero damage/hero ability power. I agree with others that I definitely don't want to see a 'must have' pet unless you integrate their ability into the pool of random abilities. I like my dragons :(
  8. This was asked in the last Devstream - it is on their radar.
  9. This sounds like a great question to ask when I am streaming. Come by some time. http://www.twitch.tv/vsynd1c4t3 Hah, fair enough - I just might.
  10. No, but it would be a great help to grow from sh*t gear to nm build, since what u drop in insane is bad, full set of bad with bonus will be cool. And when u do nm3/4, u try to make full set of mythic or legend, aren't u? So, it will be cool to have the bonus anyway, since it's a bonus u don't need it to progress, but it helps if u have it, so definitely yes. Right, so you're essentially asking for a smoother progression from insane to nightmare - so why not simply do that instead of adding a gear bonus. For instance, say the ipwr right now is 150-250 right now for insane. The set bonus could
  11. I don't fully understand all of your suggestions, but I do not like any of them xD Definitely don't make leveling harder...
  12. [[93679,users]], out of curiosity, are you farming NM3 with NM4 gear that you were able to complete with the help of the frosty builds, or did you have NM3 gear and lower?
  13. Yup, there are really 2 different methodologies the developers could take. 1. Make Legendaries better, but .05% drop rate.2. Make Legendaries more common (still rare), but .05% drop rate to get a nice roll.Currently, they do #2, and I'd rather have #2 than #1 because it allows for a smoother loot progression curve. #1 causes the loot progression to be very tiered which creates a frustrating player experience.
  14. Yes... I will do anything for more wyvern tokens... please? <3
  15. A lot of people complain about balance as a thing that can be perfected, when in reality, it can't. I've never played or seen a game where the community agreed it was balanced. Even if it was magically balanced, the community wouldn't realize it, and select hardcore players that gravitated toward certain play styles would popularize a build, and thus it would be the 'slightly unbalanced' build. Super Smash Brothers Melee is a great example of this. It is a game that didn't have balance patches, and yet characters became arbitrarily better over the 12 year period this study evaluated. A great
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