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  1. Hello Mr Fozzie. Here is a vid from start to crash, it's an hour and 10 min long showing CPU/GPU stats and temps. https://youtu.be/iEoOQLEEpA0  here is some specs and original discussion: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/146908/ Kambien I'll produce a DxDiag, good idea.
  2. I'm starting to feel your pain. I still haven't reported my issue to the bug site. I would go about a hour or about 4 runs before I had to start the game due to fps and freezing issues. Any longer and it would crash. I could not play at all this weekend because it was crashing a lot. Nothing changed on my PC. That leaves network or graphics settings. I did crank up the graphics quality, I like the view the game in it's full glory. I have a GTX1070, I would think that's sufficient. I'm going to turn the graphics quality of the game all the way down to see if that had anything to do
  3. Oops, thanks! you're right it was set to private, I have published it and made it public, sorry sorry. TY
  4. you inspired me...instead of shutting down and restarting the game, I played until it crashed on it's own...no joke, .2 FPS in game, lol. Video incoming, It's 1 hour & 10 minutes long; 9 GB big, going take YouTube a while to process. Took 4ish Choas Trial runs. Here is a screen shot a bit before it crashed...when you see the vid, note, it's NOT the recording software, that's how the game actually plays... Well I'm off to bed, You tube is telling me the video will be here when it's done: https://youtu.be/iEoOQLEEpA0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEoOQLEEpA0&feature=youtu
  5. Nothing? I really want to play...shutting down and restarting the game every few runs is absurd. It's so annoying I just stop playing. Anyone?
  6. Some might even say the are at a FOREST Crossroads.... :-P eh? eh? I see what you did there :P
  7. I think the game is at a crossroads. There some really long lasting annoyances that Trendy can't seem to shake, but aside from that, at the current state I feel the game can take off or flop. Looking forward to see what/how Trendy expands on the current system. Trials are fun and all but boy do I remember some good times hardcore grinding away in DD1. Are campaign maps going to open up to Chaos difficultly with corresponding rewards?
  8. Hey folks! I been a way for a bit, however, I'm getting back into the DD spirit! Wasn't there a tech support section in the forums? If this has already been addressed if someone can point me in the right direction that would be great! Anyway, about every 4 Trial runs I have to exit and restart the game due to degrading performance. By about the 4th Trial the game is lagging so hard it's unplayable. What is the best way to go about troubleshooting something like this? Are there any in game metrics or logs created I can provide/review? I saw some topics discussing "FPS Mode", what is that?
  9. The requirement of a serenity aura really, REALLY sucks :(
  10. well said OH I SEE, lol. I currently have 7 bags and 1 pet bag (is that 8 bags or 7 plus a specialty bag?). The 7 bags must have come with the Early Access purchase. I could buy up to a max of 12. So I can buy 5 more Premium bags at 450 Gems each. That's 2,250 Gems to max out the bags I can have. That will still leave me with a balance of 2,975 Gems. I also need to unlock hero slots...at least 2/3 more. Those are also 450 each. That's another 1,350 Gems. If I did all that I'll have 1,625 Gems. What can else can I buy with Gems, just skins and costumes?
  11. I have no idea what I currently own. I bought whatever let me play when the Pre-Alpha started and that was it. I think it was 70.00? What was that? (edit, oh, that must have been the "Early Access") I guess this message is confusing me: Note: All Collector’s Pack awards are now available in the current Steam Early Access build, with the exception of the 4 Tower Skins. This reward will be made available once it is created and implemented. This Collector’s Pack will only be available on sale until 11/10. EDIT 2: how much is it to buy extra bags with just GEMS
  12. Is this working? I'm getting the same DPS no matter how close I stand to the dummy Note the 5,282 white numbers when I stand far. Then the same 5,282 when I'm standing close. (processing...will be up shortly...done...bit longer for full HD...full HD up...oh neat you can tell you tube to playback at .5 speed to actually see the numbers...i'm DPS is much lower than I thought :() 
  13. ha, pretty much. Still would like to see some map "shorts". Shorter waves more difficult mob type of thing... Again, just throwing it out there for thoughts, ideas and comments. Another point of frustration is when you do have the time and you mis place a barrier or due to a bug something leaks through and 25 minutes went for nothing :(
  14. examples? :( Man tough luck, sorry.
  15. lol, OK End Game NM3 I agree with the responses here. I don't have the answer, however, I'm hoping the community and Trendy can come up with an idea to create some content that can be completed in at most 10 minutes. Right now I don't see how that's possible, but it would be nice. And since it was brought up, yes. One thing I really like about Marvel Heroes 2015, is that I can play as little as 5 minutes and still achieve something. Log on, slay monsters log off. It takes a few minutes just to load the Tavern :(
  16. Serious question. I play in a lot of short play cycles. 10 minutes may sound way too short to even load up the game, but what about 20 or 30. Some of these maps take at least 30 minutes and longer to complete. By nature this game is time consuming. Wait for the initial wave. Build towers, swap heroes, build more towers, etc... Then comes the drudging though gear time. I had 30 min of play time and couldn't get through Liferoot Forrest NM3 Free Play. Is that simply too long? Or is it just me?
  17. @Terron thanks! someone just gave me this tip. Good tip!
  18. So frustrating :( My first time I tried to re-roll a pet stat last night. After figuring out the way too many clicks it takes, I kept trying, over and over and over and over. No luck :( This morning I start recording a video so I can post on the forums for help. My pet had the last stat I rerolled last night! huh? So,I thought I was going crazy so I rerolled two more times this morning. Again, it was not working. Logged off and logged back on. And there is the pet reroll. So we have to log off and back on after each pet reroll or pay attention to what the last one was. The issue is tha
  19. I know I can do this! there must be a checkbox or something on the search that limits the search to DDII forums....
  20. Am I dumb or is this forum difficult to navigate and cumbersome? Maybe it's me. There was a DPS huntress guide thread that I can't find. Can anyone point me to it? I got to thinking about it when I saw @vSyNd video of the NM4 Incursion win.
  21. rushed to open my stash, saw you can only collect ONE thing immediately closed my stash and haven't looked at it again.
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