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  1. I realized that buffing walls only gives them resists, and with the darkness traps stripping the elemental affinities you don't really need them. DEW's can give you some issues at times but overall it is a solid build. On wave 25 of another run at the moment. Some issues - the top and bottom traps can be desummoned (but only ever at the very end of a wave) annoying at most.
  2. http://ddplanner.com/?l=3849,mistynmhcmm-survival Stats : Walls - EV 2500/x/x/x Buff Beams - x/2200/x/x Traps - 2000/1300/1000/1000 Auras - 1600/800/1500/700 App Towers - 1600/2200/1400/1700 If you have any questions feel free to ask. Just cleared it so I suppose that is confirmation that it works xD As a side note I did this solo, unsure how adding more people would go. I sat on my Battle EV Vera (1500/1500/600/800) with a monkey pet after getting everything maxed. Afked after everything was maxed till wave 24. Trying another run where I start at wave 18-20 so it doesn't take so
  3. I'm confused as to why I have yet to unlock the costume, I have 31 regular eggs 9 humongous and 2 large :[
  4. Odd, I have found that Insane takes me about 8-10 minutes and yields 2.2-2.5 mill exp, while Nightmare takes about 10-12 minutes and yields 3-3.3 mill exp. I do spend the first wave on my builder then switch over to whomever I want to level. A trick for the wizards is a single DST pointing at them. No repairs in nm needed. Builder Stats - 1600 2000 1200 1400 I suppose if your stats are lower then Insane would naturally be a better option, but from my experience Nightmare is the way to go. My build : http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=26961
  5. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/cubicleninja/html5/dd/index.htm?layout=15627 Beat it solo multiple times, can handle duo easily too. Biggest issue is the ogres/assassins last wave but vigilant repairing takes care of it.
  6. I accepted the invites, so just shoot me a message when you get on. And as for number 4, 500 ish mill
  7. I have my buyer and 2 of his friends who can be references. Was trading 2 genies for 1 bill each, first one traded then we got to the final trade for the second, dun def froze then crashed. I logged back in to complete the trade and saw I only had the 200m that he traded for the final genie. The genie was duplicated for a few minutes then the clone disappeared. I can provide any required documents. steam id : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006729148/
  8. Make an offer here or add me on steam steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006729148/ Looking for mana offers or an Apprentice Guardian with at least 40 boost, 40 upgrades, and tower based stats. If the Apprentice Guardian is good I will be willing to trade heavily in your favor (double value depending on how good). Genie 1 : 148^ Great Hero stats 1446 Base Atk Sold Genie 2 : 117^ Great Hero stats 1357 Base Atk Sold Genie 3 : 104^ Good Tower stats, Okish Hero stats 2421 Base Atk http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006729148/screenshot/632988191120619680/?tab=pu
  9. Time has no meaning. To a true student, a year is as a day. "A YEARRRR! BUT I WANT TO BEAT OGRES UP WITH THE BARBARIAN RIGHT NOW!" Ok Ed Grubberman On a personal note, I wonder what style of weapons the barbarian will have. shortswords / scimitars?
  10. You need to place a barricade in front of the bookshelves to stop that. They are not walking over them but simply using a path available to all...try it yourself. you can walk the same area without jumping on your hero... Once we put barricades there we no longer had problems with ogres....basically if you can walk the area without jumping so can they. No I had the east covered. I meant the west (back). I had the extra barricades on the bookshelves already.
  11. It is odd, because I used the same barricade placement but the spike in the west didn't prevent the ogre from going Hindenburg
  12. There is one to the west too, as well as being able to clip the handrails and use them as steps.
  13. They don't walk through them anymore, they instead walk over them :] Just had this happen to me last night after I reattempted NM MM HC on alch, I stopped playing because on wave 21 a couple weeks ago the ogres FLOATED over the bookshelves in the east and oneshot my crystal. Came back and fixed that problem, only to have the west float over my barricades there on wave 23. I love this game.
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