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  1. 5mil for that crap since there's no additional projectile. u could earn 2.8mil just by selling it to me or u could put it at 99mil in shop and hope someone dumb enough to buy it off your shop.
  2. Funny cuz 1 of the few things i remember are patch a , b , c , d , e and then laddered up for the same old weeks and months.
  3. I dont really give a damn it's a troll thread or not as long as it hit the mark. what i'm posting is true stating that trendy pushes out crap patches too quick in just a short period of time. Oh and did i mention that i actually like beign a troll ? I have 1 in WoW long time ago and he's Green. kewl !
  4. The Rock has come back to Trendy Ent ! this mod is the biggest trendy fanboy ever. He closes any threads that talk ill of Trendy and their wrongdoings.
  5. wait for 7.14d and read patch notes... Fixed.
  6. Oh ME Gawd not another freaking patch by Trendy again. For teh sake of almighty please let my shift ends b4 they send in another of their gajjilion screwed up patches to upload. Sick of it ! Sick ! Sick! Sick!
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