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  1. Hello. It's almost half a year later so i tried logging in again but sadly no Change. I can barely get Movement, Abilities, Repair, Upgrade and Sell binded to work for me. I can live without Defense view, even pet ability... but not being able to place Towers... Either let us use mouse wheel to highlight a tower/ability then click left to choose/right to cancel(so you can attack again) or the DD1 "Action wheel" option would be sooo great. I'm really sad not being able to play even more so because i supported the game alot moneywise. You may think it was dumb but even after release when i
  2. Yeah exactly, nice to hear! I am aware there are bigger issues(you add really good stuff, one more reason i want to play so bad) so i am patient. Nice to see a dev though :D
  3. Thank you guys for your replies, means alot to me! [[76870,users]] that would be awesome! [[94067,users]] exactly. Trendy was always good there, but other developers... There are still times when i buy a game and you can't Change controls AT ALL. Full release, no beta etc. Then there's cases like "No Mans Sky". At release changing keybindings was so bugged, it didn't work. After MONTHS it finally worked, but to this day it's still missing keys. Like Inventory is "Tab" but there is no Option for it. Then there is "q" and "e" to cycle through crafting/reload Options, again no keybind for that
  4. Hello. A big selling Point of DD 1 was the Wheel. I could use ONE button to build/cast EVERYTHING. DD 2 sadly Needs too many keys for me. So my Suggestion/Plea: 1. ONE Key to open a Ring/fast build where we can choose which defense to build / sell / upgrade / repair 2. Give us an Option to use Mousewheel to Highlight a defense and maybe works on ability too, then click it to get placing Phase. I really love this game, i spent 1.000 hours in DD 1 and few in DD 2 till i got weaker and can't reach many keys anymore. I hope a DEV reads this and has a Kind heart!
  5. Hello. I didn't play DD for weeks, today i clicked TrendyNet and after 2 seconds connecting i get "failed to connect to Trendynet". Someone said i may be banned if my internet works fine. But i didnt change my equip in 4 months and i always doublecheck items i buy with 3-4 friends. How can i fix this? Please help me!
  6. Thank you for your replies. I don't have the Squire Skin and i do CD NM HC only. The Jester i thought gives a random skin, damn, well at least i get App Skin, because as Jester it's possible, only 12m Tavern dps(without pet), if i use a staff and the charge trick i get up to 24m. Now i just need to worry about Huntress and why i don't have Squire Skin. Edit: On Open i can do it too, because you only do Boss, but if you play 60min the maps it's different!
  7. 1. Barb doesn't give Squire, i killed him like 50 times with barb, no skin, just Sword. 2. There is nothing to learn. I dodge and dodge and dodge and dodge and dodge and dodge and dodge... It takes forever to get him down even with high Hero Damage, good Pet and Weapon. I tried every combo with Pets and Weapons.
  8. Why are you so.. not agressive but almost. I have every char and Ult. DPS Set, but as Squire and Huntress it's too hard you need forever until after 12min he kicks you of cauz no matter how good you play the longer the fight the higher the risk to die.. And as Appentrice oh god not even small chance. I just mean if i do CD for others who cant do it, how am i supposed to get them, as Huntress, Squire and App i can't do it...
  9. That's the point! How am i supposed to get the Rewards with the other Chars? Even with Ultimate Equipt it's too hard, only my Barbarian can kill them. And other players get them! It's unfair! Because i kill the Boss for random ppl but i never get my skins! Because no one else can kill him. I am sick of building+killing boss every day for even strangers and i 0. And on survival etc extra controller get rewards too. If i get a friend to play the controller active, does it work then? Or do i just need to get the char in earlier? And i don't want 2 skins, my barbarian doesn't get one anyw
  10. What do you mean? The Question was, WHY didn't we get the Rewards?
  11. Hello. Can you please tell me how it works? I did CD with a friend alone in my closed private game. After the 4th map/Boss Rush one) we both got each 1 Controller in. THEN we clicked the portal. They died instantly ofcourse because they were afk. We killed the Boss but didn't get the Legendary Skin nor the Weapon Reward. Why is that? I hope you can help us. Drakiar
  12. You know what? Keep thinking you are above everything. I don't care if you think a bug doesn't get fixed, the map is "do-able" WITH gastrap bug AND bug spot or WITHOUT gastrap bug and bug spot. So the statement stays, it's impossible if they don't fix the bugs like freezing etc. And yes i know they gave up on the game. And just for you: I won't post my experience of that map anymore so you can't be provoking about it. Have a good night DD Players.
  13. it IS impossible with the things we had. And as you can read previous posts the map is bugged so the ONLY way to do it to use another bug. So yes it is still impossible for someone not using the bug!
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