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  1. Using Glitches and Exploits on purpose is a bannable offense.
  2. You are mistaken.. it whispers "Waiting!" .. in a Jack Nicholson voice...and looks...at...YOU!
  3. #9 - 60 mil [[265,hashtags]] - 60 mil sid: sentenz1483
  4. 200 mil for the monk ranged weapon sid: sentenz1483
  5. 200 mil fairy - sid: sentenz1483
  6. The Main ability of darkness doesn't work on orges doesn't mean the elemental remove won't. And since we all know that Ogres have no resistances because of their ****load of HP... ^^ Just stating the obvious ;)
  7. Some logic and explanatory facts you should think about: If Spiders in Nightmare kill you all the time... dont play Nightmare. If you can't hit the Ball.. dont play soccer. Practice makes perfect. The right gear makes a good Hunt. If you are not good enough... get better! Kill it first before it kills you! I play alot Nightmare Hardcore and at first i hated those Spiders too but now they are one-shots and mostly in the way than threatening. I made my homework and place my towers right so they can a) protect me while upgrading them and b) protect themselfes from the spiders an
  8. Quite agreed. Squire towers are the only towers (well most of them, i.e. all except two) that need to get in direct contact with the enemy, so they get damaged a lot easily. Just lowering the DU might not be enough. Well.. and thats why my Squire Towers have above 50k hp.. not to mention the physical dmg that has no need for stripping resistance of any kind. Squire Towers are mainly the "Tank and Spank" kind of Towers u get in the game.. very sturdy so they can wear the mobs down but not that of a big dmg output compared to Apprentice who's towers have maybe a 3rd of HP but do 3 times the d
  9. Did i say anything about solo? Tyhan.. if u are not able to make aserious post.. dont use the forum. I stayed in game and it seems the Spiders die after a while by themselfes .. maybe they are bored but whats the point of having to wait minutes until every spider died? Trendyguys... think about a rework for the next patch plz.
  10. How stupid must someone be to put a "No respawn in Combat Phase" **** into the game after they "invented" the glorious Spiders which only attack player and nearby tower. PLAYER and NEARBY Tower!!!!! If nothing of the former is there because the players died (and are not allowed to respawn) and the retarded spiders too far away from any tower to attack it it will just dance on the spot and u can restart the level because the developer did not test something like this. That's a definitive FLAW!
  11. My current problem is the following: When i host a game the ppl that join complain about lags. When i join a game i have lags myself... sometimes the "unplayable" kind of lags. I have nothing else running exept DD... no downloads, other programs, streams or whatever.. just DD. I don't have the fastest connection (350 down / 45 up) but EVERY other online game i play works just fine as host (for the others, no lags) and joined player so i hardly hardly doubt that it is my connection. So.. if somebody would be so kind to explain to me how it is possible for me to enjoy the multiplayer
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