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  1. NemesisTheory, Thank you for this guide. I had read elsewhere that Deeper Well on Insane is a great way for new players to get levels and mana without leaching off of public games. As a newer player, it is a bit more difficult to determine what strategies are effective and which are less so. This guide is perfect for apprentices who are new to Dungeon Defenders. This thread is an asset to the community, for sure. I would like to argue that this thread is NOT an unnecessary "essay". Players who are experienced enough to need none of the extra details present in the thread need only skim the
  2. This is HUGELY long and overly unnecessary. You should need gigantic essays to explain how builds work and why they work, and if people need such essays to complete even the simplest maps then maybe this game isn't for them. Thank you for your reaction. This guide will be a series of many guides, not only this map. It just doesn't feel complete when you leave one map out, even though it is so simple. And to be honest, would you read a guide when it would contain a gigantic essay ? I did mention how to place the towers, and why they should place it like that. I find that this is enough,
  3. Hello Jetah, Thank you for the reply. The Defenders Layout Planner looks really interesting. Is there also a way to actually turn the images to let the towers face the right angle ? As for the hyperlinks. I'm well aware they are not working ;). I do not have any other threads to link to, that's why I gave them a color for now. I will finish it soon. Thank you for the reply, NemesisTheory
  4. Under Construction =) I'm still working on this guide, as it will become part of a bigger series. Im planning to do the first 4 maps like this in 4 different threads, All linked together in one main thread called the Guide Summary, which i do not have yet.. The links are not working either. Have fun reading though. The guide itself is complete. NemesisTheory -. Apprentice Tower Build Guide - The Deeper Well - By Nemesis Theory ----------- Brief Intro ----------- Hello and welcome to my very first tutorial about Dungeon Defenders. At first, yes I know writing a guide for a map li
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