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  1. wave 29 pure strat... so done with this game
  2. ya that was misty this is ramparts now which is easier with 4
  3. nobody wants to try for giraffe? :( @21 atm
  4. bump anyone want to ramparts?@wave 14 atm
  5. done for today wipeed on 20 again :( learned a few tips on the way tho, thanks all that came along to help.
  6. btw will be usa host so dont bother for your own good if ur not usa :D
  7. looking for 2 more people to do some nm survival Misty or other maps. must have: Genie app gaurd/hunt gaurd atleast 70/60/60/60 resist with 20k+ hp ranged dps prefered 900k-1mil generally looking for people that can have fun and not be elitist or think they are too good for something. highest duo we got so far is 20 on misty so might be trying that again with more. SID: OwnaGeJuiCe
  8. most apprentice app gaurds with 40+ boost and 40 or 50+ upgrades will sell for a decent amount. after thats covered the price is generally linked to the stats.
  9. 1.1b on [[284,hashtags]] if its not too late
  10. [[284,hashtags]] 200mil SID - OwnaGeJuiCe if its not closed yet
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