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  1. For over a week I've been trying to play DD online but every time I go to play ranked online I click ranked and it says Failed to connect to trendy net. This is the first time I've ever had this issue in over 3 years I don't know why this issue s occurring now.
  2. I was aware the gun isnt the ultimat++ going around but it is definitely better than any other ranged weapon I have. I'll do what you suggested bear because that sounds like a good idea :)
  3. I just got this weapon and its my first ++ultimate and I dont want to stuff it up I'm taking any suggestions?
  4. It's fixed itself now I don't know why it was doing it because I could still go on the web just fine.
  5. I'm just wondering is the servers offline because on ranked I cant find a single game on any difficultly. Is it maintenance or is it something else?
  6. I got this pet from tavern defense and its the best pet I've ever received so I dont want to stuff it up, Im using it on my DPS mage but I'm not sure how I should allocate the points.
  7. @Sharn okay thanks for that but now I think im just going to stick with minion walls i see everyone do it now. @jimonions webbed targets do take more damage but its more noticeable on DPS Characters.
  8. Yeah I have noticed that combo now, the only is all my characters are 80+ with decent myth with one amour piece not as good as the rest. So will it still work or do you have to have trans gear?
  9. I have talked to people online but I still cant find a definitive answer on whether using EV walls or have high health summons is the best defense to stop mobs. I tried both and they were both the same, but it was on insane, on NM i couldn't complete it with either on KG. note: If there is something better please suggest it.
  10. I'll play with you. Steam ID in my signature (xxmikexbxx just incase) Thanks man will do :) When you get to lv 74 you will see a lot of servers as people usually filter out lower levels. Ohhhhh thats how it works cool i kinda got scared when i was finding no servers thanks for that info man appreciate it :)
  11. Hi guys ive jest started playing DD's on the PC but Ive got no one to play it with because there hardly any servers to join. If anyone has a group and there looking for some1 i wil gladly join I'm not a noob I played it on the console first for quite awhile but my character is only like 50ish with poor equipment. My steam tag is samxxx155 :)
  12. There is no need to say "no need" I think you guys should welcome him instead. Welcome to PC hope you enjoy it! :) Thankyou gow I didnt realise saying im playing PC and console is such a bad thing.
  13. No need for a thread on this. Put it in your signature if you wish, it just makes starts another war between console and PC. Dude why would I start a war ive been playing both if people take this to heart then theres something wrong with them not the post, and bacon and doughnuts are quite arguably the best food to be created who doesnt like them :D
  14. Stick to ranked the only time you should be on open is for DDK purposes will do but everytime i go on that arent that many servers to join :/
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