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  1. While I did appreciate Hit's response to my friend, can there be any update on the rollback process? I have farmed quite a bit and my friends can't hold anymore gear for me, since I can't level a alt, or put gear on a alt due to the account rollback I've reached a roadblock in DD.
  2. /bump again Yea Sounds the most the likely, but getting these small answers would be awesome, =/ this slow response is making me a depressed panda now
  3. Hitmon thank you for responding, do you think it would be possible to get a answer to the below listed questions? They would be most beneficial and possibly help other people also 1. Before the rollback happens will we get a final e-mail stating we are about to do it, please don't play? or we are going to do it around this time, please don't play? 2. If the answer to the above question is no, its just going to happen, how will we know it happened? Will we get e-mail stating it did? or do we have to check randomly? 3. Since I am under the impression these rollbacks will take a while, If i farm on my current account and give the mana / items i make to a friend to hold, Will they be okay? or also rollbacked (this question is the most important because it informs me if I can do something in the game progressive) 4. Does the rollback effect only one character or the whole account? Knowing this ASAP would also be nice because i can go level a alt then If you do have the time to answer any or hopefully all these questions it would go a long way to helping out the community get a better idea of what to expect and the situation (at least that's my opinion)
  4. Off work, now a bit sadder due to lack of response but here is another /bump!
  5. /bumping for a morning response when i wake up
  6. Ah yes, a response to the whole situation would make everyone happy, right now i'm focusing on the part where if I can farm right now and hand over the mana / items to my friend to hold for me so at least during this waiting period I can do something instead of just waiting. I'm starting to get the feeling that they don't read this side of the forums that often =/
  7. /bumping again I would love to have a response so that I know if i can farm after i get off of work tomorrow =/
  8. Yea I'm thinking that it will be fine but I would like a confirmation before i spent 20+ hours (depending on how long the rollback takes) just to have all that time and effort be erased also
  9. Thank you for that response Hitmon, So my next question is if i level new alts, will they also be rolled back also? Or just my main character that had the hero shop bug. Another question is if this is going to take a few days, if i do start farming items for mana, Can I give my profits to a friend to hold for me, or will they also be wiped out?
  10. Yeah they said that they will contact everyone before their personal rollback. I have received the e-mail stating that they need my steam profile page which i submitted last night. So there will be one to let me know it has been done? Or will there be one to be a final confirmation before doing it?
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