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  1. Thank you for all the replies and additional commentary. Glad to see the community here is actively pushing to make the game better. Also glad to see the devs watching the forums. We are PC gamers in our house, so stuck with the limited steam options. Even something as simple as a toggle in the options that hides / disables the chat window would be enough to set my mind at ease. Just tossing it out there for consideration. Thank you for the reply, and looking forward to see what's coming down the pipeline.
  2. 1) Does anyone use Mark's on their towers relic slot? I seem to get more marks than anything else, but whenever I equip them, my overall DPS of the tower seems to go down. It seems that hitting hard every time is better than hitting harder on the 30 % of the time you crit, and less hard on the 70% where you don't. 2) For ranged DPS characters (Huntress and Apprentice are the two I've tried extensively), it seems like Penta is the best overall DPS for the base weapon damage. Even if I get a much higher hero damage weapon with something like Single II or Burst II or even Triple...they still do less damage than my Penta weapons. There must be use cases I'm not comprehending where these other weapon spreads are useful?
  3. My wife and I were avid fans of DD1, and both picked up DD2 during the early access period a while back. We didn't play much, just occasionally checking it out to see how it was progressing. In the meantime, both of our young children (8, and 5) have become avid gamers and we installed DD2 free version for both of them to see if they liked it. Turns out they really did, and we have been having a very good time working through the campaign as a family and now into Chaos 1 and 2 and onslaught. We ended up picking up the standard edition on steam for each of the kids to improve their bag space. Both kids have really picked up on the nuances of reading the map, and getting new characters, and getting outfits out of defender boxes. They have figured out the quest system and try to get their daily done every day regardless of whether my wife and I play with them or not (hook em early amIrite?) My conversations with a coworker have also had him pick up the game for his children and they are playing as a family as well and really enjoying it. I have a few pieces of feedback that I have seen elsewhere on these forums, but throught I'd provide them again through the lens of a father enjoying a game with his wife and kids. 1) Playing with others in Onslaught My wife and I like to continue to challenge ourselves after the kids go to sleep, so we have reached a point where we are deeper into the game than the kids are playing with us. We're on Chaos 4, and just beat onslaught floor 15. Meanwhile, the kids are on Onslaught floor 7, and chaos II. This means that each time we play with the kids, we end up having to play on a floor they can do, which is fun family time, but essentially meaningless from any type of progress for my wife and I. It would be so much more fun if we could carry the kids along with us to the floor we're on and have them still progress in their own journey. 2) No saving between maps in Onslaught This is murder when you have a 5 year old who accidentally hits "return to tavern" after map 1 or 2 and can't rejoin us. We have to start the entire floor over when this happens. Again, still fun family time, but could be so much better with a small quality of life improvement to allow him to rejoin us, or let us save progress between maps. 3) Quests and Map choice Even my 5 year old gets frustrated doing the campaign maps over and over for the quests when he'd much rather pick a map and pick Chaos 1 to present himself with a bit more of a challenge while questing. The campaign maps are too easy for him with his chaos 2 gear. As working adults, my wife and I have the same complaint. We want to make sure we complete the quests to progress towards unlocking more heroes, but would much rather have that progress be during a meaningful challenge. We've hit the piont where we just log in, pick my lava mancer, put down 2 Fissures of embermount on each lane, then go make dinner while the kids press "g" for next map between rounds. That isn't exactly what I'd envision as a fun way to collect medals. 4) Parental Controls While I am happy my kids are taking a liking to our favorite hobby, I have a parental responsibility to protect my kids when playing online games. We have implemented a rule where they are not allowed to go into the public hub, only private tavern. Additionally, they can only make private games. Unfortunately, this rule is very hard to enforce when one of them can't read the buttons yet. Inevitably, my daughter (who can read) will go to help my son get back to the private tavern, and she'll end up reading and then participating in the chat in town (or in a map) until I catch her and take the game away for a few days. This would be a much easier thing to police if I had some form of parental control to lock my children out of the public hub entirely and only allow them to make private games. Sometimes we like to let them play right after school when it's cold outside while my wife and I are still working. (we both work from home most days). This game provides a nice experience for a cooperative family game, and I think a few quality of life improvements mentioned above would make it our go to game for a long time. Thank you
  4. Got my first weapon that does something different, and can't for the life of me figure out how to activate it. Says something to the effect of each basic attack creates a raven. Spend 10 stacks of ravens to do more damage to 5 mobs. I fire away, and I see the raven appear. I can't for the life of me figure out what button to push before the raven disappears again. Seems to appear and disappear every 10 shots. I've tried looking through controls to see what buttons made sense. Active and Alt Active (E and F) seemed logical, but appeared to do nothing when fighting the target dummy. I'm seeing no visible DPS difference when the raven appears and sits behind me, so I'm pretty sure I'm missing a button to push somewhere. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
  5. One more that just came up Seems like you need to get your pet affection up to evolve them, but seems like only the player that you use for DPS's pet gets affection up with each victory? How do you get affection up on your builders pets? Swap them in on your DPS?
  6. Awesome, thanks for the quick answers. Much appreciated.
  7. New player here. Played the release of DD1 for about 150 hours, and picked this up on early access a long while back. Still definitely a newb in how I feel playing this game. I play with my wife (and kids when they get some computer time) on private tavern mostly. We just finished the campaign and started working through Nightmare 1 maps (Defense). Here are a list of things (in no order) which I still have no solid foundation from which to base my planning on. * Map types What is the difference between defense, incursion, and onslaught? We haven't tried anything outside of campaign and defense so far (Ipwr just topped over 250) Medals and how to earn them didn't become very clear until most of the way through the campaign. (also, why do i want them). I think i have it figured out now, but still no idea how often the "bonus" missions refresh. or how to get more of them. Reading the forums, I see a lot of references to specific weapons. People will post a question, and vets will reply with "get this weapon, lay these two acronyms for traps, and win". That isn't terribly helpful. A) I have no idea what the weapons are, how to get them, what they do, or how to build around them. B) The acronyms take a while to learn. Right now, we just have the basic heroes, but saving up medals to open some of the others. We're using 1 of each builder, and 1 DPS character. It seems like people have a lot more slots than that from reading hte forums (1 builder for each tower?? + 1 DPS of each "spec" based on weapon??) Stat points, how to allocate them for a builder vs a DPS is pretty obvious. But once you'd decided you want a builder, which points make the most sense for each class? Is there any soft cap where the points start to be worth less overall as you go up toward max? Is it worth maxing them for specific builds? Or do we have diminishing returns? How do you earn crystals (other than buying them) in order to get more char slots? I see you get at least 1 slot each time you open a new hero. Do you really need more than the 4 heroes in your deck? I see people talking about swapping out characters during the build phase. Seems like a lot of extra clicks through a questionable UI to make it worth it? Especially compared to F1-F4 Pets make pretty much no sense. I'm slowly picking up that I need to farm mats to evolve them, and it seems there are items that let me reroll stats and abilities they give. Should I just worry about the legendary pets and forget the rest like gear seems to be? Are pets ever worth much DPS? Or more vanity stuff? Gear: Is there any reason not to use it in the enchanter? The warning that pops up makes me feel like I shouldn't use purple and orange gear that I"ve outgrown there, but I can't find any other thing to do with it aside from selling it. On the topic of the enchanter...is he even worth using until you are doing Nightmare 4 stuff? It seems upgrades come pretty fast and furious. I wouldn't mind a tip for inventory management. My wife and I have both come up with very different systems for going through them after a fight. Is there a point where you should just set all your autocollect bags to blue or purple or higher and ignore the rest? (one for non gear) What to do with extra pets? Uber spheres seem extremely expensive from the medal vendor. Is it worth getting uber spheres or new heroes with the medals earned first? Same deal for those eggs on the vendor. I wouldn't mind seeing a few example of how folks set up towers for various maps. I like to come up with my own builds, and we've managed so far pretty well with the basic 4 heroes. Are the combos still worth doing (Geyser foundatain + lightning aura or Oil Plus flame towers for example?). What other combos exist? I see people mentioning frost tower as a must have. I have not been able to figure out why. It seems to just slow 1 dude down until he dies? What are the different "end game" builds people use, and what do they mean? I see people talking about a flamethrower apprentice, or a frosty apprentice, but have no point of references to know what those actually mean in real terms (aside from educated guesses from years of gaming). If you don't collect your coins during a map, will they be auto collected? We've been running around picking them all up on the chance they don't.
  8. Got the new DLC, log in and see all the new maps except for the mistymire forest. Pretty sure I'm just missing it somewhere but for the life of me I cant seem to find it. Does it show up in the campaign side? Do i need to have beaten all maps on insane before I can see it? (Still need glitter and summit insane). Thanks!
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