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  1. Thank you for all the replies and additional commentary. Glad to see the community here is actively pushing to make the game better. Also glad to see the devs watching the forums. We are PC gamers in our house, so stuck with the limited steam options. Even something as simple as a toggle in the options that hides / disables the chat window would be enough to set my mind at ease. Just tossing it out there for consideration. Thank you for the reply, and looking forward to see what's coming down the pipeline.
  2. 1) Does anyone use Mark's on their towers relic slot? I seem to get more marks than anything else, but whenever I equip them, my overall DPS of the tower seems to go down. It seems that hitting hard every time is better than hitting harder on the 30 % of the time you crit, and less hard on the 70% where you don't. 2) For ranged DPS characters (Huntress and Apprentice are the two I've tried extensively), it seems like Penta is the best overall DPS for the base weapon damage. Even if I get a much higher hero damage weapon with something like Single II or Burst II or even Triple...they still do
  3. My wife and I were avid fans of DD1, and both picked up DD2 during the early access period a while back. We didn't play much, just occasionally checking it out to see how it was progressing. In the meantime, both of our young children (8, and 5) have become avid gamers and we installed DD2 free version for both of them to see if they liked it. Turns out they really did, and we have been having a very good time working through the campaign as a family and now into Chaos 1 and 2 and onslaught. We ended up picking up the standard edition on steam for each of the kids to improve their bag space.
  4. Got my first weapon that does something different, and can't for the life of me figure out how to activate it. Says something to the effect of each basic attack creates a raven. Spend 10 stacks of ravens to do more damage to 5 mobs. I fire away, and I see the raven appear. I can't for the life of me figure out what button to push before the raven disappears again. Seems to appear and disappear every 10 shots. I've tried looking through controls to see what buttons made sense. Active and Alt Active (E and F) seemed logical, but appeared to do nothing when fighting the target dummy. I'm seeing
  5. One more that just came up Seems like you need to get your pet affection up to evolve them, but seems like only the player that you use for DPS's pet gets affection up with each victory? How do you get affection up on your builders pets? Swap them in on your DPS?
  6. Awesome, thanks for the quick answers. Much appreciated.
  7. New player here. Played the release of DD1 for about 150 hours, and picked this up on early access a long while back. Still definitely a newb in how I feel playing this game. I play with my wife (and kids when they get some computer time) on private tavern mostly. We just finished the campaign and started working through Nightmare 1 maps (Defense). Here are a list of things (in no order) which I still have no solid foundation from which to base my planning on. * Map types What is the difference between defense, incursion, and onslaught? We haven't tried anything outside of campaign and defen
  8. Got the new DLC, log in and see all the new maps except for the mistymire forest. Pretty sure I'm just missing it somewhere but for the life of me I cant seem to find it. Does it show up in the campaign side? Do i need to have beaten all maps on insane before I can see it? (Still need glitter and summit insane). Thanks!
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