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  1. So I've been out the loop since around the time the Crystalline Dimension first popped up. The last thing I remember was the Jester and Kings Game Map being the newest things out there. Now I've come back briefly because I'm making a Youtube Video covering Dungeon Defenders, discussing it, what the game was like, and how well it was received. I'm well aware that initially the game was very well received, getting great scores, with the gameplay being fun and addicting (hell it was partly how I spent 700+ Hours on this thing). However as the Shards Quests slowly rolled out, the glowing opinions about the game from my perspective started to dim, with many (including myself at points) going as far as slamming the game for seemingly balancing itself around paid DLC Characters and the like. Not to mention to the countless hundreds of hours and grinding just to get the gear to accomplish said tasks. Now I'm back again after not having played at all for at least a couple of years. The DLC has all come out. I have a fresh perspective and mindset going into this video I'm due to complete in a few weeks. What I would love is some opinions from the community. Does what I said in the first paragraph still stand? In the long haul is the game still good? Are the problems the game has only really applicable for those who pursue the Nightmare Difficulty and the DLC Stuff?
  2. Hmmm... I can understand Hitmochan submitting this question to Jeremy instead of the one I posted, which addressed the problem a bit more specifically (and probably because mine was more of a loaded question; so fair enough)... But I stand by what I wrote last week when I asked you guys if you were aware of how pigeonholed Nightmare strategy has become, especially for Shards maps/endgame and survival. Like I said last week, I'd LOVE to be proven wrong by one of your gameplay devs showing us a working layout of something like Sky City NM without using the EV or Summoner. I'd imagine it's at least doable on Campaign mode with ridiculously high stats, but on Survival? Well, there's a reason why all of today's (working) layout guides look the same, use the same defenses -- in the same way -- and use the same strategy. I dunno, Jeremy... You're telling us that Shards and maps like Talay, Karathiki and King's Game can really be completed in Survival mode with "any combination of 4 heroes" (i.e., the original four)? I wanna believe that because I agree that's how the game should work, but I don't think it does... I think you guys started neglecting core hero balance after the EV and Summoner were released. I think you're looking into his answer way too much. He simply dodged the actual question. The question was if Nightmare was balanced around the ORIGINAL FOUR (Apprentice, Squire, Huntress and Monk) not if Nightmare was balanced around FOUR PLAYERS (Which was how he answered the Question). Whether this was accidental or intentional, I do not know, but the sensible thing to do would be to go back and ask him the question again. Only this time clarifying it so that he actually answers the question asked.
  3. A year is a long time. Whilst I do not know what Trendy are up to, I would bank on it being on a project they spoke about long ago called Afterlife. My next bet would be (hopefully) DD2. OMD released a sequel very early, why shouldn't Trendy? It's not like we can't all play the original if there is a sequel. OMD can't really be compared in this situation. * It's entirely Single Player. * It was generally received very well so a sequel made sense in this situation. * It gave them the chance to implement Co-op. * The sequel itself allowed you to even play some of the older maps if you had the first game. DD is a Multiplayer Game, so i can survive and thrive off of additional content being added to the base game. It was received and anticipated very well at first, but then they got a little over-ambitious, and now a lot of the stuff within the game are skewed (Like Progress and Loot Quality). That in my opinion should be addressed before they even think about making a sequel. The reason is to regain that buyers confidence in their current players and also in new ones. After all, if they can't even properly polish off the first game in the series, how exactly are we expected to trust that they will in the next one? That is unless they think they can survive off the mindless sheep that play their game without questioning it's flaws and buy every piece of DLC they come out with whether it's good value or not.
  4. Since a lot of the serious questions I wanted to ask, have already been asked, such as the RNG thing etc. I will take this post to ask a question that another Redditor posed to the President but did not get answered. Which would you choose to fight, one Horse-sized Duck, or one hundred Duck-sized Horses?
  5. Hope the whole guide thing can work out, I was considering some time when Nightmare began, but figured it might've been too early. Lemme know if you want some assistance at all.
  6. The chances are I will still continue to play this on and off. After all, I love the idea of one day being able to thwart Crystalline Dimension on NMHC, and the challenge it brings is actually very good and can almost make you forget what a broken mess the rest of the game actually is. But I will never, EVER, under any circumstance buy DD2 or any other game TrendyEnt decides to make from this point on. Furthermore I will be recommending against buying such titles to anyone else, using this game as an example of why they shouldn't. I do not see why I should put my money and trust into a company and a new game when they can't even properly take care of their current one, in spite of all the glaring issues being continuously brought up every day. It'll either be that or when Persona 4 Arena comes out.
  7. dude he make a guide for players that dont know how to play whit a jester.... why you just see SMALLS things and hate those No offense, but if what he is saying is true, then it's not exactly small considering that the guide is using inaccurate information. I mean, What is the point in a Guide if it isn't going to even get the most important factor of it (the information) right?
  8. Jer and Hitmon have seen it, so we can only hope. I hope that, at the very least, it inspires them to come up with their own idea if they don't use this one. I'd love for a revamped Tavern that looks tidier and more pleasing to the eye.
  9. It's an impressive-looking and functional tavern. I dig it. A lot. Yeah the Tavern is long overdue a revamp since it's basically just become a heap of Trophies on what resembled Tavern furniture. There needs to be a new Tavern such as this, especially since you can keep the look-and-feel, and have a separate place to keep all your Trophies and generally show off.
  10. after how they handled this game, i dont think most people trust them to do well Well, if nothing changes and they do move on, I will probably tell people to keep their money. I'm not sure if I could trust them with a second game if they cannot even take care of the first properly. Or, worse yet, leave this game with all the glaring issues it currently has and THEN make another game.
  11. Well my change is a simple code change from 3 to 1. Yours is a lot of work lol. Thought it would be cool. Any reason they couldn't do both? ... Don't answer that.
  12. All you need to do is bring back Piercing Shot to the way it was in Vanilla DD, in order for Huntress to be good again. Yeah but nothing wrong with giving 'em a weapon that actually gives them some utility, no? And it also gives a use for the Apprentice Barriers. In fact... I can see the flavour text. "Someone finally found a use for them again."
  13. Should totally be the next Ranger/Huntress weapon. A portable Ballista that fires Apprentice Barriers. Give it the Elemental Removal effect and a small degree of piercing, give it damage and scaling to compete with the better weapons out there, and you'll have yourselves a reason to Huntress/Ranger DPS.
  14. Seahorses just need strength drain auras :) Hell, why stop there? Just give the thing it's own Pocket Dimension with every single tower, hero ability and mob attack in the game.
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