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  1. If you have the DLC, city in the cliffs give amazing exp! Also for an easy introduction into Nightmare I would suggest trying out Nightmare Halloween Spooktacluar. There are no djinn/sharken/copter ogres there. You can easily net (for 2 people) almost 50-100m per person and get decent mythics/transcendants.
  2. He can be damaged by ballista towers and cannonball towers.
  3. Even so, if that were the case I had set up electric/ensnare/strength drain aura combos. Even if he had an element it would have been removed. Also, bosses never have elements anyways, so why would this one?
  4. Was playing insane HC with a friend when we fought the boss and for some reason he never took damage from the electric aura. Now I wouldn't of noticed if it wasn't for the fact that we had him down to about 1m hp when we got ****y and got instagibbed by his fire. We thought "Well our defenses will last a while so maybe they'll deal enough damage..." but nope. Chuck Testa.
  5. If all we're talking about is nerfing the Hero Aura...then I could care less. I main a monk and in my group I am revered as the best tower guy simply because of how awesome my auras synergize with THEIR towers. Strength reduction saves tower lives and make elemental towers universally useful, heal auras keep DPS DPSing, slow auras give you the time you need to reach far away crystals in dire need of help, and electric auras help things go faster. I have pretty basic stats and we couldn't even do Nightmare Summit (BEFORE the copter patch). But in no way am I a simple Hero Aura pet for my friend
  6. First of all, how would one get anywhere if they cannot do nightmare? Nightmare is a very very long distant goal for me as insane MF is just barely becoming doable (don't even think about UMF). Second of all, using kk to express millions is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. hundreds are hundreds, thousands are k, millions are m, and billions are b. Out of hundreds of MMO's I have played this is the first time i have seen a single person say it like that.
  7. Well I can't even do the first couple of waves in UMF. I don't have the gear. The mobs have waaaaay too much HP for me atm. I can do MF but I haven't tried it solo yet. Usually I would take the first wave on my builder and have my DPS friend defend me while i set my auras up. Second wave is dps from there. I haven't tried nightmare and don't plan to when i'm having these problems on insane, so that's not an option =/.
  8. I can't seem to save 1m as everything i get goes into upgrades. How are people getting anywhere near the cap without selling loot to other players? I guess what I am asking is...whats the easiest place to grind lots of mana solo? I have no UMF drops as I can't possibly do it. Help please??
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