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  1. New stuckages in Lifestream UMF as well.
  2. Seems dumb, thanks for the solid answer however.
  3. I'm capping out at 200,000,000 I thought that the cap was 2,000,000,000? Did something change or am I missing something.
  4. I got it! http://i40.tinypic.com/f39iyb.jpg I changed my strategy a bit and used the Genie for faster upgrades. As you can see from the picture my first wall died about 5 seconds before the boss herself died. That magical barricade that died was actually a really useful spider block combined with the edge of my boss battle zone auras. Got a really garbage monk weapon 30 upgrades level 74 required.
  5. I have been doing the above strategy. I am using a DPS monk for my main play character, and placing walls with a Squire, towers with my Apprentice, auras with another monk, and traps with a trap huntress. I pre-place an Inferno, Proxy, and Electric aura on my "battle zone" for the boss, and after the last round is over I sell my wyrven defense and put up Snare + Heal and I was able to get her to 1.2 million as I said but I just can't do the damage. I think my issue is I can't really capitalize on the chest opening. 9/10 times I just get webbed by something or other and I get one, maybe tw
  6. Is the insane spider boss supposed to have Nightmare damage reduction? I can get her down to about 1.2 mil solo but holy crud she doesn't want to take damage.
  7. With the new(?) super amazing knockback on Ogres, has anyone been able to solo UMF Insane with a melee Monk or Squire? I was able to pre-patch(es), but now I get knocked around so much by the ogres I can't do enough damage to kill them when they are the only thing remaining.
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