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  1. Rename isn't really a priority. If you can't name the hero in a way you want, then it is on you. But moving heroes is not a bad idea. They are adding more heroes and sorting your heroes as you actually want them would actually be a useful thing. Put your dps at the top, or dps on one side and builders on the other. There are probably even some people going all out and making runner characters for some of the possible upcoming challenges. When having different characters is important as Trendy intends, then adding more characters means people will definitely use a function for sorting the
  2. A sharken would approach almost like an ogre, until it got into view of a tower or barricade. Then it would get into a runner stance and start charging a moment afterword. Any tower or barricade it bumped into would be moved out of position. It got bad at times when it would end up targetting a turret behind most of the other turrets and barricades. It would open a massive gap in all the defenses and shift all the defenses almost far enough to screw up the kill area. This was one of the few enemies that got people to actually use corners to their advantage. They started making sure they
  3. I currently have two ignite dailies and I have tried oil and any fire other then ev flames from orbs. Both of the dailies will not progress. I have checked on enemies that die from the attack that ignites the oil, and on enemies that run around burning, as well as enemies that actually die to the burning. It just isn't progressing right now.
  4. All these threads seem to imply it's either + count is wrong, or the map is wrong. Which means the dailies are completely broken because you just select one and pray you go to the right place eventually. These dailies are very high priority for quite a few people, as well as they are basically the only thing a few players want to do. This type of bug is hopefully going to be fixed quickly. I just wonder how something like this starts up. When does a quest to finish a certain level spontaneously tell you to finish a different level?
  5. Sounds like it just needs to be something different. I like the blaze balloon but I do worry that it just doesn't do very much. I usually use it as a last little bit of damage after a few other traps, or in front of a barricade so that it will hit a couple times, and I rely on it to boost damage on oil flask as the igniter rather then using piercing shot to ignite the enemies. Basically, it is barely an average complimentary trap to other defenses or a solo combo tool. Compared to other defenses, the blaze balloon just will not keep up in most ways. The payoff for it being a trap and not
  6. The boss mechanics end up making the fight disappointing for me. The monster waves were mostly ignorable. We only lose because Betsy decides to just destroy an egg. Without maxing out gear which we are going to replace anyway, we can't beat her. The combination of issues just keep this from being an exciting challenge after the first attempt.
  7. I feel that the chests are way too frequent and the unlock method ends up screwing up another system. The wyvern tokens just aren't good enough because the keys are attached to them as well as the uber spheres. The short term goal is that people have to chose between customizing their character or going for an uber sphere, while the long term goal is keeping wyvern tokens useful after someone finally gets all their uber spheres. It's not a well thought out system. The chests end up cluttering loot bags if we pick them up, or cluttering a level if we don't pick them up. They end up making
  8. I don't really see anything great about the sphere system. It has a nice concept, but most people won't bother with trying out different things. They just go and look up their sphere selection in the same place that they look up defense layouts for a map and then just copy what someone else has done. It isn't very customizing when most people aren't going to bother. Having limits on which bonus you go with is kind of nice though. The other issue I don't look forward to is wondering what they will be used for when we have more to do. Right now, people level to 25 pretty quickly and star
  9. Getting access to the wyvern tokens isn't exactly fun. Getting more tokens after getting the access takes too much time for most of the goods unless those goods are ridiculously game ending. But if those were easier to get, then the money bypass would also become too easy. Basically the wyvern tokens are used for too many different goals which ends up limiting them because of one issue but that limit ends up ruining the other use of the tokens. Some sort of limiter is good, but as the system is now, it makes for a very disappointing sphere because the effort needed to get them is way too
  10. I don't always kill minions, but when I do, I prefer last hits.
  11. When going to the steam page links as suggested in the news post, the dlc's there are not free. But when we run dungeon defenders, it downloads the Spook 2 for free. So just run DD and you get Spook 2. Last years Halloween dlc outfits though aren't showing as free, and they aren't given to us on the link suggested. Perhaps the free halloween costumes that the news refers to are actually the outfits from last years Spook mission which came with the mission if you finished over the right difficulty?
  12. On most items, there is a cap where you will not be able to upgrade passed that point. Occasionally you can find an item with stats above that cap, but you won't be able to upgrade those stats. Even rarer, sometimes the innkeeper will have an item with those ultra high stats. But if the price on the item is too low, then it's because the stat is actually negative. In general, unless you are buying from the innkeeper, you don't have to worry about the stats going negative.
  13. I don't know, I feel like griefers would abuse of the fact that they can't get kicked to do nasty stuff, though. That is a good point, but there are points at which you would be glad for the protection and not worry about the griefer. If there was some issue that truly gets effected. There is sort of an item limit on the ground that goes up with more people in game. If you kick someone, or someone leaves, some of the items disappear. If they set it so that more items disappear then usual when you kick someone, would you mind. You would earn less mana at the end wave, but if you neede
  14. Some sort of protection or prevention of last moment kicks would be pretty good. Hopefully something can be worked out. Still, more then likely, it would just be a matter of whatever protection is set, the people that do it will just learn to do it before whatever protection is set. No kicking during last 10-15% of mobs, then they will look at the number figure out how many that is and kick you somewhere between 20% and 15% of mobs. Mana cost for kicking players that gets higher as round goes on, they will just try to kick you before the price gets too high. Combination of all sorts o
  15. If you really have the time, try to plot the chances of all the boxes combined towards the percentages. Maybe each box is weighted slightly differently, but all together their surprise should come to the percentages stated. Also. I wish you good luck on doing enough tests to try and get a reasonable sample. I think the programming from most companies reacts weirdly and is calculated on computers that work with billions of samples instead of the thousands that players will ever try.
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