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  1. Do insane+ not insane. 450k xp first wave. You have to get no player damage, no core damage and weapon only bonuses.
  2. If trendy would allow experienced, reputable, legit players power, we could clean the game up. It has not been done. Friend request me and I'll run with ya and teach you to play legit.
  3. Yes, I am still enjoying the game. Only because the legit players on XBOX are a small, tight knit, helpful community that self has worked through all of the issues and concerns. If I was not part of the legit community, the modding, broken XP, and file corruptions would make me delete this game and never look back. Although the XBOX is bottom of the priority ladder, the game itself is fun. Here's wat I would like to see to make it a viable game on XBOX: 1) Proper Pets - Chicken, Genie, etc fixed to work properly 2) Aquanos XP - Nuff said 3) Stability - Adjust the save timing to avoid co
  4. GT in sig and my friends list is all legit DD players.
  5. Anyone else getting the Arabia mismatch error? Yes!! What the hell is that?
  6. I think we tried it with 4 apprentices with 3 animus and a chicken.
  7. Why does this challenge suck? I was trying to help some people with it the other day, and I couldn't remember any strategy other then get 4 huntresses and pray. Anyone got some suggestions?
  8. Math doesn't compute. That weapon caps at 16sps I think. That would be 2.74 million. Add one piercing shot at a million, that would be 3.74 million. Where is the extra damage coming from to make up 1.3 billion?
  9. Nope, it really is all just luck based.
  10. I've come across quite a few players over the last few weeks who don't fully understand the XP bonuses. Thought I'd put it out to community to write up some pointers for the newer players. Flawless Victory - Big XP bonus for no core damage for an entire match, after the first round. Gives 1.3 multiplier each round, plus bonus at the end No Player Damage - 1.3 bonus each round Master Builder - Full defenses for an entire round, bonus each round Gunslinger - Only use weapon to damage enemies after Wave 1 Master Strategist - Only use defenses to damage enemies after round one Te
  11. Thanks for the help yesterday!
  12. What the hell did I miss in the last 3 months? Level 78? Fixes? ^150 gear? Anyone feel like giving me a run down of decent gear/stats and where to get it all?
  13. No matter how many complaints you or anyone else files, nothing will ever happen. I learned that lesson with MW2 when I reported all the hackers on there and nothing happened and MW2 is made by one of the biggest game companies out there. There are many other games like Borderlands where people were hacking that game like no other and nothing happened to them. MS file complaint feature is the biggest joke and failure that I have ever seen. That's disappointing. Oh well.
  14. This sounds like a very inaccurate way of dealing with hackers. Considering the number 1 guy on glitterhelm is legit. And the level of the guy in the first position is 70, correct? I must have missed the part where I advocated reporting the top people on the leaderboards. Am I speaking Chinese or something? Go to leaderboards. Look at the level of the character. If it's over 70 it means hacked. Where did I say report the number one players or look at the time it took? Just because it was done quickly by a level 70, does not mean it was hacking. However, when the guy in place 25 is lev
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