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  1. You are meant to go through this 50+ times, It doesn't need anymore difficult than the interminably long grind. Look how far people have gotten no life-ing it for 3 weeks,
  2. That not how random selections work...
  3. Yes because I'm playing at all. No because I only play because I dont have the time to start playing something new.
  4. Honestly, I Don't think any of them is enjoying it, or they aren't going to enjoy it once they get back. Going on vacation after this 'expansion' was a colossal mistake. So much about ancient power and onslaught feels like it was only tested as far as working and not that it was tedious unrewarding awfulness.
  5. I never had a use for ballista, Can you elaborate why you rate that so high?
  6. No, they just stopped dev commanding at the 51st reset... why would anyone purposely set the cap for something on an uneven number.
  7. Even though it initially appears that the extra cap wont be used, it actually will be used quite a lot and it is more beneficial to obtain them faster. The reason for getting to the caps faster is two fold. First, after you hit the maximum Ancient Power, you no longer have to worry about the rest and you gain experience around 200% faster. This means that the faster you hit Ancient power cap, the faster you can fill up those 999 point (both by gaining faster experience and by not having to reset anymore. Second, you are failing to consider the way that most late game players play the game. Let me explain. If you have high Ascension but have not hit such a high Ascension that you can max the cap out in Ascension points for every tower that your hero has, then you have 2 or more heroes of the same type. Each of those heroes has all of their Ascension points in one ore more stats, maxing out that specific tower. When you gain more Ascension on that type of hero, you simply don't use the stats or place them into something random. By increasing your Ascension cap above the current max of 140 you can pump all of those extra points into a single stat that actually makes the specific towers stronger. [For example, if you are level 600, and you are trying to max out the Defense Power of one tower, you now have the option of dropping another 30 or so points into that Defense Power Stat. The result is 30 X 20 = 600 more defense power at the same Ascension level as before.] I should also make the point that, even without the experience bonus that you get from resetting, completing a C7 map takes at most 8 minutes. Since every map competition is approximately 1 Ascension level, you can hit high ascension levels is no time [for example, level 250 would take you 33 hours of game-play]. Even though most of us probably don't fit into the category of people with the time to complete maps at that rate, there are a reasonable amount of people who do. As a result, it is Unlikely that people (or at lest the people who have already been grinding Ascension) will either not grind past the old caps or not make use of them. Hopefully my explanation conveys why obtaining the Ascension caps faster is a good thing. 1 after you get all 50 ancient power points you still have an infinitely stacking exp and gold buff you can grind and what difference does another 5 hours to hit c7 again mean versus the thousands of hours invested in the first 50 resets. 2. Once you go down the road to ancient power, It will be a waste of time grind accession above 250. That's not high enough to max out a single tower with baseline 140 caps, let alone the extra 150 to get a second gambit online or the 418 to max that second tower. Raising caps just cements you into just rolling up a truckload of 1 tower characters.
  8. again whats to point of getting to 999 caps faster. Whats better 84 of 140 or 84 of 999. they are letting the caps go up that high expressly because poeple will not grind very far past the old hard caps for thousands of hours. At which point they will through in C8 and trivialize most of the benefit of the extra 200-300 those levels.
  9. There is very very little point in making the ascension point caps raise very quickly. You will not see any value in the increased caps until at least 421-423 ascension when you have 141 points to spend.
  10. watch out for the enemies that freeze your towers they will kill stuff incredibly fast. Also, take care with lanes that have buffs to resist damage. those lanes will either need you to spend more DU or to dig deep into your specialty (useless) towers
  11. It even faster than that , you unlock floor 55 by completing c7 trials. After that, you just need to get dragged through a floor ~50 for any weapon, helm, chest, gloves, and boots for a mid c6 mule. There you are <5 maps from farming c7 trial for loot again on the road back to Ac 250. Hell, I'm not going to 'ancient' anytime soon, I can at least boost back to c7 while I don't have an endgame to play.
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