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  1. Yea it's a glitch. If u go to insane+ than click l1 2 times n it'll say it but it doesn't work YOH BUGS can u show me yur builf for hard+ sky city
  2. I have a question, why did you implement the Sky City map like Pc's version of it theirs no logic to it i checked the numbers of enemies i was fine with it even the crazy 60+ Goblin copters but really on the last round you could at-least reduce the copter speed and make it so theirs only 2-4 of them @ any given time its really annoying playing with 3 people and your trying to kill the boss and randomly 20 ogres spawn and rape one crystal....Only reason im saying this is because this DLC does not look like it was customed to be on Console, people should atleast be able to do it with a small b
  3. Can some one please post a layout Pleaseee!!! on DD planner or some one show me online..!!!:copter::copter::copter::copter:
  4. Damn dont get yourself infractions you know why some of those words are banned or censored And Good Bye !
  5. lol gone for like 20mins refresh and i see this long convo..
  6. Kill Ogres, Repair All the time, Kill monsters alternate between monster spawns, keep your side clean and make your it doesnt go down.
  7. ANY One got a layout for insane or hard sky City, I Already completed Boss Rush on insane. Any Thoughts Guys? I Just need a layout for Skycity for 2 Players Only!
  8. Only the Last DLC weps weps upgrade 2x the regular damage per an up^
  9. 1: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?73184-Nightmare-Guides 2: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?73200-Nightmare-strategys! and as i stated before, your builds arent good, they require player intervention to deal with spiders/djinn and are outdated as it was obviously recorded in a pre aquanos game (i checked your latest 'throne room' yesterday, you were lvl capped at 78 and i saw no copters/sharks) if you want subscribers may i suggest uploading good, relevant content. Harsh but what he says is true you are pretty outdated...
  10. A steam robot (fat and big one with captain america colors) named DrifterGoneWilD with a caption saying *Rage Mode On*
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