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  1. I'd also like to know if there's a pet for survival.
  2. I have the feeling the reason jester is free is because her "towers" sound pretty overpowered.
  3. I find it easy to hit him, make him dodge the first harpoon then activate another as soon as it's ready and it should hit him.
  4. What's the achievement to unlock that room?
  5. I only had an opportunity to try once so far, but I heard the warning siren and was IMMEDIATELY killed by a massive barrage of rockets. I had less than 2 seconds to respond. For reference, though, this was on hard, non-hardcore. I always do the new maps on hard to give myself extra build time to learn the map. Shoot the goblin rocket turrets on the side of the ship. Those are probably what killed you, the instant death electro grid starts 20 seconds after the alarm starts.
  6. We just lost crystalline dimension on EASY. This map is the hardest in the game, hands down.
  7. Never had a problem with them, most of my builds involve flexible anti-air defenses.
  8. ....What. Don't they have the same values as wyverns?
  9. I can solo it on insane hardcore in less then 20 minutes.
  10. So, as you all know, the Summoner has come to etheria to wage a war for his own reasons. But here's a thought, in the trailer for the Eternian shards DLC you can clearly see a teaser that shows the four heroes parents in what appears to be some crystalline dimension. Possibly the very same dimension that the Summoner is from. The Genie King also states that the shards were created not as a prison, but to imprison. What if some mastermind has used the shards to imprison the heroes parents in this dimension, then scattering the shards so that he can eventually attack and destroy our curren
  11. Djinn can desummon minions? That's news to me, usually djinn float by and don't touch minions like they're infested with the plague or something.
  12. summoner and EV hero classes Oh so what, Barbarian isn't worthy of a P2W class? Also, unlocking everything prices around one of those other calls of doody games or whatever. Which is around $60+. So no, not pay to win. Far from it my friend.
  13. No, the fact that the summoner cannot collect mana in phase shift or overlord makes him quite balanced.
  14. ... I don't even have 1k HP and my ogres can survive long periods of time on NM survival. Against two ogres.
  15. Pikkupstix, also known as the master of Summoning on RuneScape. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Pikkupstix
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