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  1. Then tell me how everyone in like the top 300 beats Mistymire on NM Survival HC in under 2 hours when other maps take about 6 hours to get to wave 25. Mobs for solo play caps at 1400 mobs ish, when on other maps its over 6000.
  2. Pretty sure this is common sense really, if it says 'hide match' you click it to hide and vice versa, if you think otherwise you are backwards yourself.
  3. More than possible to beat her, you are correct about bonus damage, do not claim impossibility because you cannot beat her, remember there is always someone out there far better than you at anything.
  4. I speculate this too as Ogres can have 30Million HP and spawn 1-4 at a time per lane... =/ Your just a bad player ^^ you cant beat it so therefore no one else can. Orges have that much health, how much does the queen have solo? How much damage reduction does she have? ALOT more than normal nightmare mobs, does she die? yes she does, and not every strategy involves towers attacking her, do not presume so much young padawan.
  5. If you worked 9-5 selling items from the top of this game? You would be earning over 1500$ a week, EASILY. Who in there right mind would pass that up?
  6. Of course there is a problem. This isn't the place to discuss it. It's clearly in the Patch Notes forum. And if you don't see a problem in selling for USD, go post about it on http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?27203-Selling-hacked-items-selling-for-USD-is-a-bannable-offense-Update-11-23-11 Done, why should they care? they made millions from this game, what is a few 100$ here or there for people? seriously they are selling there time and effort just like Trendy is, nothing wrong with it whatsoever, look at Diablo 3 i guarantee when that game is released 50% of trendy's playerbase will say goodbye because they can sell items without fear.
  7. your looking at a hacked/modded pet. items cant pass the 360 limit, doing so will make them in the negatives... noone can beat nightmare/ mistymire hardcore survival, even with the gear from it. i tried this after farming gear with modded items on Local play. Lols, Items wont upgrade past 360 but stats go past 400.
  8. Personally i dont see a problem if people sell items for cash if they are legit, why should anyone care? there are like 200 ppl in this game who can do the top content right now why should they not be PAID for giving you items that your too noob to obtain? again this is for legit people :3
  9. Nowadays 1 person is enough and its ludicrous.
  10. If you dont want to see my avatar dont connect, simple it works both ways.
  11. 5yr shouldent be playing this game. Its too violent for a start, so you yourself shouldent let them play it and if you are then you yourself have already given permission for all the content in the game to be viewed by your child either that be sexual, blood and gore, alcohol or drugs, so no it dosent need to be removed or changed. I was being sarcastic, and this is nothing more than opinion, because if it wasnt, then my opinion would be fact and that is, that THIS IS THE INTERNET, YOU CONSENT TO SEE THINGS YOU MAY NOT WANT TO SEE THE MOMENT YOU CONNECT! nothing should be censored like this, its pure bollocks tbh but no, people who are offended and complain do it out of sheer trollishness and *****yness nothing else, to excercise there power hunger and other such fantasies.
  12. kk my childhood sensibilities and my 5yr old kid dont need to see a Hamster Dry Humping the air, im offended by it, now when a mod see's this i expect it to be sent to trendy and have it fixed. :)
  13. So recently my forum avatar of Mario 1up-ing Peach was removed because of a fake complaint to Finally...Now i have just took a closer look at the Love Struck Hamster ingame...Do you even realise its attack animation? This adorable little hamster, is pelvic thrusting the air with love hearts shooting out from his nether regions and yes, not from his head, hands, chest, his genitals, change the animation or re-instate my forum avatar.
  14. Legit, 200+ guardians in shop after wave 14 of MM NM Mistymire.
  15. Good weapons above 200^ will cost you 2b.
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