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  1. This works fine for me but my optimal dps is above 80, which settings are not working for :o * any higher than 80 it autoshoots
  2. How long did it take you to ugprade it once ;)
  3. Helo guys and ceemeeir! I would like to thank you for makeing this post and pushing me to go back to DD! I did manage to do 6/8 waves with my app and monk. My starting stats on them: APP: -hero: 64 82 84 31 -towers: 91 355 119 212 Monk: -hero 64 81 74 76 -tower 232 313 86 60 After few runs on gearing up from that what will drop i did get to the point where my stats are: APP: -hero: 85 284 323 114 -towers: 315 410 338 337 Monk: -hero 140 307 206 119 -tower 392 366 245 233 And with this stats i do easy Hard mode Nightmare 8/8. Ofc its needed soem skills of game play
  4. Making it smaller was a buff? I don't follow. But I thought it was a bug at first when I was doing Endless Spire and my aura didn't cover certain areas like it did before. They nerfed it to 40% then buffed it back up to 60% over all still lower than last week.
  5. I got a huntress at 65 that i'll level shortly, got enough +70-+100 gear in my store now that after she is 74 I can gear her. I found the key is doing endless spire hardcore. You should be able to do the first 3 waves without dying (and if you do die your towers can usually do the rest). This got me tons of way good gear (nearly 3x better) then non-hardcore endless spire. I wasn't aware it was that big of a difference, the stuff is just more common it seems. I beat ramparts rather easily with my new gear, since my monk and apprend now have matching gear i'm getting 30% on both. It makes an i
  6. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/cubicleninja/html5/dd/index.htm?layout=6191 Works for me! Just make sure you keep up the barricades. I just tried this and it works! Only time towers started to break was from boss I just kept replacing with deadly towers everytime I could.
  7. Hey tyrindor, are you switching to a guardian after the first few waves? I upgraded a app guardian to do the last waves of everything really helps out. Makes deadly towers do about 120k each on ogres. I heard huntress guardian is pretty good too.
  8. Ceemeeir, have you been able to do the UMF2.0 since the aura nerf? I've been having problems with it and didn't get a chance to try it before the aura nerf. I got stats close to yours when you did it in the video, first time I managed to barely get it down to one enemy... but I had no walls up to strip his fire immunity and didn't notice until it was too late what was going on (aka fireballs were on an ogre, and an orc with fire immunity wasn't being hit). After that I haven't gotten that close even once... one time I had AI glitch out and not come to where I was just derping in circles.
  9. So the crowssbow is actually good next to the disc thrower? Also, when upgrading wep you want shots per sec > base damage what about projectile speed? *I just tested a mythical elegant crossbow and seems to only hit 3 targets in a straight line.
  10. What kind of strategy were you guys using? Jousting?
  11. What kind of "ups" are you getting from 2nd or 3rd waves? Mythics only nightmare right?
  12. I always thought that dps App were tower spec with hero stats. Is maxing tower dps and speed then going into hero stats with a dps weapon a bad thing to do?
  13. Lol thank you, I just bought a fully upgraded sword for 10mil and can vend it for 15mil when I find a better one. Base dmg is 5k.
  14. What do you put down first auras or proxys?
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