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  1. Posted this in the players help too, but I can't get my backer Giraffe reward. Is it just too late to claim it or something? I've been away for a while due to my computer crapping out and not being able to play, but I never received that reward.
  2. I know it's crazy to have waited this long, but my computer had crapped out just before the release, and I'm just now really able to get on. So, I had back the game on the $35 pledge, and part of the reward was the giraffe pet, but I don't seem to be able to claim it. Anyone had this issue, or could help me out?
  3. "If you buy the Complete Pack you will gain early access to Nightmare mode, which will be a difficulty mode that is known to cause immediate rage and infinite amounts of QQ." This has got to be the stupidest idea ever. You don't want to make something that will make people rage and QQ. Fail business idea is fail.
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