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  1. You can on play the onslaught floors you have previously completed and the one you are on. You used to be able to get some defender packs from levels you already completed but that got taken away. So now there's no reason to play floors you've already beat unless you are just being nice to people trying to progress. Also they fixed the one beneficial bug where you could see all the games in progress to join pugs. So it's a lot of solo play now unfortunately.
  2. Co-op play has been nerfed pretty hard for some reason.
  3. Unfortunately, someone(s) at TE is making bad decisions on this game. 4 player co-op is all but gone. There was a beneficial bug that allowed us to search all games in progress, but, out of all the bugs that could be fixed, that was one of the ones they targeted. The new onslaught mode also discourages team play since you can only play with people who are on or above your level. And since, for the most part, no one above your level has a reason to play with you (reward boxes were also taken away for any level you completed), that leaves only the small % of people who are on your floor. Unless TE re-evaluates the direction they are taking this wonderful game, I'm afraid it's going to die an early death. With some of the decisions lately, it almost seems that is what they want to happen so they can just shut it down and save face. Before anyone flames me, realize that I love(d) this game. I am one of the originals who purchased it as soon as it came out and I have a crap load of hours in it over the years playing as a casualish player. I miss playing with random pugs and I do hope they bring it back.
  4. Or damn...just to play with some people again. Imagine how fun that would be.
  5. I like the idea of ever increasing difficulty. But since I'm a quasi-casual player, I can't do onslaught. It was made for the hardcore players only. Casuals need not apply.
  6. Haha yeah but man I don't remember them all. PDTs where the longest lasting one. Proton beams were way OP for awhile but the cyborg hard counter and a bug fix kinda made them not OP (though they are still very good). Also there was an exploding mage wall setup that was fun to do. When the harbringer level came out you could put mage walls down for the final wave and he would destroy them at the start which would insta kill the harbringer. Someone with a more organized brain than mine could probably list all the metas in order which would be fun for nostalgia's sake.
  7. From my memory, this was two different metas. The explostion trap, frosty, boost, SA meta was used for a long time to get through NM4. PDTs weren't really a part of that. Later, after they nerfed that meta, PDTs became the meta for a long time. You pretty much just had to put 1 pdt per lane, hit G, and watch a movie. PDTs didn't really get a nerf, they got a bug fix and a hard counter. Explosive traps got nerfed into oblivion, boost aura and SA got changed. There was a bug with the frosty towers that got fixed too but they weren't really nerfed. This was a bug more than a meta. And a lazy quick build to easily clear the highest content. This was a good one. Put a lightning aura in each lane with a geyser on the front and the back end and fill the rest of the du up with monk anti air towers. Run Betsy over and over and over and over... As a result of this meta, the lightening auras and the geysers got nerfed into oblivion for awhile My memory of the good old days are fading. Seems like there were some other metas that are missing.
  8. It's definitely NOT for funsies. The way you guys have the game setup, in order to quickly to dailies, that is the only option, go back to campaign mode because the fun modes are random maps. Please make the game fun again.
  9. When the shards get moved from items to slots, what happens to the shards we have in items? Will they go back to inventory? What if your bags are full? Do we need to unload all the shards pre-patch? I would hate to lose any.
  10. It seems as though someone high up at Trendy isn't listening. Or there is other feedback that is not on the forums.
  11. New hero Ric Flair's #4 ability...the Wooooo nuke. Destroys everything on the screen including all your defenses. 30 second cool down.
  12. How? Easy IF you have EV2 reflect beam. Not everyone has that though.
  13. Only about 5% of the people playing (probably less than that actually) can make it past floor 65 to prestige. The requirement is set way to high.
  14. I thought Trendy mentioned something about impossible combos are set to not happen, but they probably missed a few.
  15. The OP's post is spot on. People are posting these complaints because they care about the game. I have over 1500 hours in the game, more than any other game I've played, and now I end up rage quitting every night.
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